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Winds is a beautiful open-source RSS and Podcast app created using React & Redux on the frontend and Express.js on the backend. Use the free hosted version or run it on your own server and customize it as you see fit. Contributions in form of pull requests are always appreciated. Activity Feeds & Discovery in Winds are powered by Stream, the app leverages Algolia for search, AWS for hosting, MongoDB Atlas for a hosted database (DBaaS), and SendGrid for email. All of these services have a free tier.


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Not every program listed in the Prerequisites section is necessary to run NewsBlur.

You will want to have your database set up before you begin installation. Fabric can install both PostgreSQL and MongoDB for you, but only on Ubuntu. Mac OS X users will want to have MySQL or PostgreSQL already installed. You can download MySQL or download PostgreSQL. Additionally, if running as a development machine on Mac OS X, I would recommend using MySQL with Sequel Pro as a GUI.

If you are installing MySQL, you will also need the MySQLDB python library:


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Stringer has no external dependencies, no social recommendations/sharing, and no fancy machine learning algorithms.

But it does have keyboard shortcuts and was made with love!

Stringer is a Ruby (2.3.0+) app based on Sinatra, ActiveRecord, PostgreSQL, Backbone.js and DelayedJob.

Stringer will run just fine on the Heroku free plan.

Instructions are provided for deploying to Heroku manually, to any Ruby compatible Linux-based VPS, to Docker and to OpenShift.

You can access the keyboard shortcuts when using the app by hitting ?.


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Feedbin is a simple, fast and nice looking RSS reader.

Feedbin is a web based RSS reader. It provides a user interface for reading and managing feeds as well as a REST-like API for clients to connect to.

If you would like to try Feedbin out you can sign up for an account.

The main Feedbin project is a Rails 6 application. In addition to the main project there are several other services that provide additional functionality. None of these services are required to get Feedbin running locally, but they all provide important functionality that you would want for a production install.


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RSS-Bridge is a PHP project capable of generating RSS and Atom feeds for websites that don't have one. It can be used on webservers or as a stand-alone application in CLI mode.

Important: RSS-Bridge is not a feed reader or feed aggregator, but a tool to generate feeds that are consumed by feed readers and feed aggregators. Find a list of feed aggregators on Wikipedia.

And many more, thanks to the community!

RSS-Bridge is capable of producing several output formats:

You can extend RSS-Bridge with your own format, using the Format API!


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FreshRSS is a self-hosted RSS feed aggregator like Leed or Kriss Feed.

It is lightweight, easy to work with, powerful, and customizable.

It is a multi-user application with an anonymous reading mode. It supports custom tags. There is an API for (mobile) clients, and a Command-Line Interface.

Thanks to the WebSub standard (formerly PubSubHubbub), FreshRSS is able to receive instant push notifications from compatible sources, such as Mastodon, Friendica, WordPress, Blogger, FeedBurner, etc.

Finally, it supports extensions for further tuning.


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Miniflux is a minimalist and opinionated feed reader:

It's simple, fast, lightweight and super easy to install.

Official website: https://miniflux.app

The Miniflux documentation is available here: https://miniflux.app/docs/ (Man page)

Default theme:

Dark theme when using keyboard navigation:


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selfoss is a multipurpose RSS reader and feed aggregation web application. It allows you to easily follow updates from different web sites, social networks and other platforms, all in single place. It is written in PHP, allowing you to run it basically anywhere.

For more information visit our web site.

If you obtained selfoss using Git, some more steps will be required. See the development section.

For further questions or on any problem use our support forum: https://selfoss.aditu.de/forum/

If you obtained selfoss using Git, some more steps might be required. See the development section.


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Sources for CommaFeed.com.

Google Reader inspired self-hosted RSS reader, based on Dropwizard and AngularJS. CommaFeed is now considered feature-complete and is in maintenance mode.

Android apps: News+ extension

Browser extensions: Chrome - Firefox - Opera - Safari

CommaFeed 2.0 has been rewritten to use Dropwizard and gulp instead of using tomee and wro4j. The latest version of the 1.x branch is available here.

For storage, you can either use an embedded H2 database (use it only to test CommaFeed) or an external MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLServer database. You also need the Java 1.8+ JDK in order to build the application.


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FeedHQ is a simple, lightweight web-based feed reader. Main features:


Getting the code:

Elasticsearch version requirements:

FeedHQ relies on environment variables for its configuration. The required environment variables are:

Optionally you can customize:

For integration with external services:

Then deploy the Django app using the recipe that fits your installation. More documentation on the Django deployment guide. The WSGI application is located at feedhq.wsgi.application.

To create the Elasticsearch index:


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Demo application: https://reader-demo.sismics.com (Username: demo / password: demo)

More screenshots

Reader is an open source, Web-based aggregator of content served by Web Feeds (RSS, Atom).

Reader is written in Java, and may be run on any operating system with Java support.

See http://www.sismics.com/reader/ for a list of features and benefits.

Compiled installers are available here for each new versions: https://github.com/sismics/reader/releases

Reader is released under the terms of the GPL license. See COPYING for more information or see http://opensource.org/licenses/GPL-2.0.


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Copyright (c) 2019 Piethein Strengholt, piethein@strengholt-online.nl

RSSMonster is an easy to use web-based RSS aggregator, created as an alternative for Google Reader. RSSMonster features a lightweight fluid responsive design. The font-end has been written in JavaScript (VueJS) and the back-end in Express (NodeJS). It also uses the Twitter Boostrap framework. Several features are implemented such as marking as read when scrolling, drag and drop style manage feeds, json events, etc. RSSMonster is compatible with the Fever API. Feel free to add any contributions or new features.


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A simple and smart (or stupid) feed reader.

An example is available on tontof.net.

This is an alternative to Google Reader or other RSS feed readers:

More information here: KrISS feed.

If you just want to use kriss feed, download index.php file and upload it on your server. Enjoy !

If you want to look at the source, look at the src directory. To generate index.php file, just run the command : bash generateIndex > index.php

More information here: KrISS feed.

version 1

version 2

version 3

version 4

version 5

version 6


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We highly recommend that you subscribe to the rss2email project feed so you can keep up to date with the latest version, bugfixes and features:


A quick way to get rss2email going is using pre-made packages. There are releases for Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, openSUSE, Gentoo, and NetBSD.

Before you install rss2email, you'll need to make sure that a few things are in place.

Download the latest rss2email source and unpack it. You can choose from several equivalent formats.

A .zip file (suggested for Microsoft Windows users):


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I'm Leselys, your very elegant RSS reader. Try me right now (password: demo)!

No bullshit apps for Android, iPhone, etc. Just a responsive design and for every device.

Leselys is Heroku ready.

Two requirements: Mongodb and Python.

In order to install leselys you'll need some dependencies:

And install your MongoDB.

This is the right way, with virtualenv:

Open your browser at http://localhost:5000.

Setting up with Docker is easy. There is no published images on the Docker Hub yet but here's how to build a set of images easily and quickly using Docker Compose:


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A mobile webapp for Tiny Tiny RSS

This webapp is a client for Tiny Tiny RSS. It uses its JSON API.

I started working on this because the default mobile version was somtimes slow, limited and not in good shape for future development.

ttrss-mobile is using:

You need node.js to make a build but you can still hack without it.

You should not put this webapp in a subdir of your Tiny Tiny RSS install. On update, it could be wiped. For more info, see this post from HunterZ on the forum.

Make sure that the user you'll use to connect has the API activated in Tiny Tiny RSS preferences :


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This is source code of RSS feed generator website with user friendly interface.

(If you have some questions please contact me by github email)

Install required packages

Install pip

Install pip packages

Install less and yuglify

Install sass

Install and setup nginx

Install and setup mysql if you didn't yet.

Create database. Use password 'toor' for root user

Create django config

Initialise database

Run downloader server

Run frontend server

Docker Host IP in browser. Ex:



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Launch in a browser to access setup

Add to cron (hourly)


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Français - English - Español

Leed (contraction de Light Feed) est un agrégateur RSS/ATOM minimaliste qui permet la consultation de flux RSS de manière rapide et non intrusive.

Cet agrégateur peut s'installer sur votre propre serveur et fonctionne avec un système de tâches cron afin de traiter les informations de manière transparente et de les afficher le plus rapidement possible lorsque vous vous y connectez.

Toutes les tâches de traitements de flux sont effectuées de manière invisible par une tâche programmée (cron), ainsi, l'utilisateur ne subit pas les lenteurs dues à la récupération et au traitement de chacun des flux suivis.


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Simple script to automatically generate valid RSS and Atom feeds from a list of media files in the same folder. Written in PHP to enable use even on the cheapest shared host.

I wrote this because I wanted an easy way to use Overcast to listen to my audiobooks. However, I don't recommend it anymore since the author decided to make it free but to include annoying ads that you can only get rid of by a subscription of $10 per year. In my view this is an unreasonable price to ask for such an app. I'm using Pocket Casts now. You should check it out. Podcast players are ideal applications for this, contrary to generic media players. It is also trivial to be adapted to other uses and file types.


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Moonmoon is a web based aggregator similar to planetplanet. It can be used to blend articles from different blogs with same interests into a single page.

Moonmoon is simple: it only aggregates feeds and spits them out in one single page. It does not archive articles, it does not do comments nor votes.

You will need a web hosting with at least PHP 5.6 (PHP 7 is also supported).

If you are installing moonmoon on a Linux private server (VPS, dedicated host), please note that you will need to install the package php-xml.


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The super-fast-minimalist-nosql-opensource Google Reader revival.

Please consider to use another news reader such as readflow!


You can configure the server by setting environment variables:

Configuration needed to login with Google:

Configuration needed to delegate authentication to an upstream proxy (NGINX, Apache, Traefik, ...):

Example of configuration with NGINX:

Configuration needed to save articles into Pocket:

Configuration needed to save articles into Dropbox:

Configuration needed to save articles into Nunux Keeper:


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JARR (which stands for Just Another RSS Reader) is a web-based news aggregator and reader.

JARR is under ongoing developments and functionnalities are regularly added. For past and futur updates see the milestones.

The particularity of this project is to allow for article Clustering either on links or on content through TF-IDF.

You can use the instance of JARR run by the maintainer on app.jarr.info or try out the api at api.jarr.info.

To use and host your own instance of JARR please see installation instruction


21 May 2020Last Commit44 (52/yr)Github Stars10Issues

Can "proxy"/mirror any RSS Feed to fetch full-text Content. Allows integration into any feed reader, without plugins or further configuration required.

Note: You have to set the environment variables described in Configuration yourself, and you have to start a local redis server.

The application is easily configurable with environment variables.

We have to define two query parameters:

A collection of selectors can be found on the wiki page. If you create or improve a selector, feel free to open a pull request to add it to the wiki page.


28 Jan 2018Last Commit41 (9/yr)Github Stars5Issues

This is a light and responsive client for TTRSS built with React, Redux, and a little bit of Font Awesome and UI Kit.

Pull requests are very welcome! I built this app to satisfy my needs and will update it as I see fit. If you'd like a feature to be added, I'm more than happy to merge it. Right now, the highest priority is to have the CSS restructured and streamlined.


17 Sep 2016Last Commit41 (5/yr)Github Stars13Issues

Google Reader Inspired Transplants To Tiny, Tiny rss.

In late 2011 Google »integrated« several of its Reader's features into GooglePlus. Those features became useless after what we feel was an amputation of vital parts. We mainly missed the sharing goodness and as it happened, we were looking for Google alternatives anyway at that time.

For Google Reader we settled with the open-source feed reader tiny, tiny rss (which is neither tiny nor tiny, tiny by the way but rather great). Even though it exceeds Google Reader in some aspects, for us it lacks a few neat features, too. The things we miss and are about to (re-)build are:


26 Apr 2020Last Commit35 (4/yr)Github Stars59Issues

Temboz is a web-based RSS/Atom aggregator and feed reader that focuses on saving you time by letting you filter out articles you are not interested in.

It is inspired by FeedOnFeeds (web-based personal aggregator), Google News (two column layout) and TiVo (thumbs up and down).

I have been using Temboz as my feed reader since 2004. I currently have over 500 feeds subscribed to, and my filtering rules get rid of around 1/3 of the incoming firehose of information.

The home page is the article reading interface, using a two-column layout. Clicking on the "Thumbs down" icon makes the article disappear, bringing a new one in its place (if available). Clicking on the "Thumbs up" icon highlights it in yellow and flags it as interesting in the database.


30 May 2018Last Commit26 (3/yr)Github Stars2Issues

Read your feeds on your own machine with a simple and lite application.

demo: http://cubny.com/lite-reader/

that's it, enjoy a very lite and minimal feed aggregator: the lite-reader


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RSS Merger 2.4.0-beta Atoms welcome

Forked by Stéphane Mourey (steph@stephanemourey.fr)

URL: http://stephanemourey.fr

Created by: Makis Tracend (makis@makesites.cc)

URL: http://www.makesites.cc/projects/rss_merger


This script will load a number of RSS or Atom feeds and compile them into one RSS 2.0 file. You can use it to present a mash-up of your news from different places (blogs, twitter etc.) or just present news from other sources around the Net. This script is able to load all feeds asyncrhoniously if the CURL extension is loaded, which provides a significative speed improvement. But you should really use it with a cache of some sort. rssCacheInt is a interface that will helps you to write your own, if you need, but RSS Merger come with the rssFileCache class, which enable the use of a cache directory on the file system.

Open source web-based news feed reader and aggregator.


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Newspipe is a web news aggregator and reader.
Extract article content from news sites and blogs and convert RSS feeds that contain only extracts of stories to full-text feeds. Developed by FiveFilters.org.