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Run VS Code on any machine anywhere and access it in the browser.

For a full setup and walkthrough, please see ./doc/guide.md.

We recommend installing with yarn or npm if we don't have a precompiled release for your machine's platform or architecture or your glibc < v2.19.

note: Installing via yarn or npm builds native modules on install and so requires C dependencies. See ./doc/npm.md for installing these dependencies.

You will need at least node v12 installed. See #1633.

We publish self contained .tar.gz archives for every release on github. They bundle the node binary and node_modules.


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n8n is a free and open fair-code licensed node based Workflow Automation Tool. It can be self-hosted, easily extended, and so also used with internal tools.

📺 A short demo (< 3 min) which shows how to create a simple workflow which automatically sends a new Slack notification every time a Github repository received or lost a star.

n8n has 100+ different nodes to automate workflows. The list can be found on: https://n8n.io/nodes

The official n8n documentation can be found under: https://docs.n8n.io

Additional information and example workflows on the n8n.io website: https://n8n.io


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Website | Join an instance | Create an instance | Chat with us | Donate

Be part of a network of multiple small federated, interoperable video hosting providers. Follow video creators and create videos. No vendor lock-in. All on a platform that is community-owned and ad-free.

Developed with by Framasoft



PeerTube is a free, decentralized and federated video platform developed as an alternative to other platforms that centralize our data and attention, such as YouTube, Dailymotion or Vimeo. 🎬


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Lila (li[chess in sca]la) is a free online chess game server focused on realtime gameplay and ease of use.

It features a search engine, computer analysis distributed with fishnet, tournaments, simuls, forums, teams, tactic trainer, a mobile app, and a shared analysis board. The UI is available in more than 130 languages thanks to the community.

Lichess is written in Scala 2.13, and relies on the Play 2.8 framework. scalatags is used for templating. Pure chess logic is contained in the scalachess submodule. The server is fully asynchronous, making heavy use of Scala Futures and Akka streams. WebSocket connections are handled by a seperate server that communicates using redis. Lichess talks to Stockfish deployed in an AI cluster of donated servers. It uses MongoDB to store more than 1.7 billion games, which are indexed by elasticsearch. HTTP requests and WebSocket connections can be proxied by nginx. The web client is written in TypeScript and snabbdom, using Sass to generate CSS. The blog uses a free open content plan from prismic.io. All rated games are published in a free PGN database. Browser testing done with . Proxy detection done with IP2Proxy database. Please help us translate Lichess with Crowdin.


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Polar is personal knowledge repository which supports advanced features like incremental reading, annotation, comments, and spaced repetition. It supports reading PDF and the web content and was created using the Electron framework and PDF.js

PDF support We have first-class PDF support thanks to PDF.js. PDFs work well when reading content in book format or when reading scientific research which is often stored as PDF.

Captured Web Pages Download HTML content and save them as offline documents which can be annotated.


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Kutt is a modern URL shortener with support for custom domains. Shorten URLs, manage your links and view the click rate statistics.

Contributions and bug reports are welcome.


The new version of Kutt is here. In version 2, we used TypeScript and we moved from Neo4j to PostgreSQL database in favor of performance and we're working on adding new features.

If you're coming from v1, refer to MIGRATION.md to migrate data from Neo4j to PostgreSQL.

You need to have Node.js, PostgreSQL and Redis installed.


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TagSpaces is a free, non-locking, open source application for organizing and managing your local files with the help of tags. It features note taking and some to-do app capabilities. The application is available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Android. We provide a web clipper extension for Firefox and Chrome for easy collecting of online content as local files.

More information about can be found from the following sources:

You can find the latest release of TagSpaces in the Github release section


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1Backend is a platform designed to make deploying, running and maintaining lambda functions/microservices easy.

It enables you to launch a new live app in seconds - after choosing your tech stack (e.g. Go with access to an SQL database) you get an empty app which is already live and callable from the outside (through HTTP).

You just have to plug in your own code (no, you don't have to write code in the browser). It's even pre-connected to your database and other infrastructure elements of your choosing.


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Online comments are broken. Our open-source commenting platform, Coral, rethinks how moderation, comment display, and conversation function, creating the opportunity for safer, smarter discussions around your work. Read more about Coral here.

Built with <3 by the Coral team, a part of Vox Media.

Preview Coral easily by running it via a Heroku App:

You can get started with Coral using our Documentation.

You’ve installed Coral on your server, and you’re preparing to launch it on your site. The real community work starts now, before you go live. You have a unique opportunity pre-launch to set your community up for success. Read our Community Guides to learn more.


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Traduora is a translation management platform for teams. Once you setup your project you can import and export your translations to various formats, work together with your team, instantly deliver translation updates over the air, and soon automatically translate your project via third-party integrations.

We want traduora to become the home for managing your translation workflow, that's why we have made all of the core product open-source with the intention to grow a community and enable developers to build on top of it as a platform.


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A forever evolving, sophisticated microblogging platform.

Misskey is a decentralized microblogging platform born on Earth. Since it exists within the Fediverse (a universe where various social media platforms are organized), it is mutually linked with other social media platforms. Why don't you take a short break from the hustle and bustle of the city, and dive into a new Internet? Find an instance!

Post your ideas, discussion topics, fun moments, or anything else you want to share! Misskey supports text, emoji, pictures, videos, and polls!


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Simple, secure password and data management for individuals and teams (formerly known as Padlock).

This repo is split into multiple packages:

You'll need

For more configuration options, see Configuration

For a security design overview, check out the security whitepaper.


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Node.js backend for HospitalRun: free software for developing world hospitals. To contribute, follow the guidelines in this readme or alternatively ask for details on the community Slack channel: #contributors.

This repository is for the HospitalRun v2 and it is currently under heavy development. If you are searching for the no longer supported version 1.0.0-beta, you can find it here.

Contributions are always welcome. Before contributing please read our contributor guide. Then follow these steps:


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Real-time chat app. This app requires an external XMPP server (openfire, ejabberd etc.).

JSXC provides the following features:

You find a full list of features, supported protocols and browsers on our homepage.

If you are looking for install instructions or developer notes, please check out our official documentation.

Contribution is greatly appreciated. Following a couple of ideas, how you can contribute:

Please note that this project is released with a Contributor Code of Conduct. By participating in this project, you agree to abide by its terms.


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Homepage: http://bpatrik.github.io/pigallery2/

This is a directory-first photo gallery website, optimised for running on low resource servers (especially on raspberry pi)

Live Demo @ heroku: https://pigallery2.herokuapp.com/

Docker with docker-compose is the offitial and recommend way of installing and running Pigallery2. It contains all necessary dependencies, auto restarts on reboot, supports https, easy to upgrade to newer versions. For configuration and docker-compose files read more here or check all builds: https://hub.docker.com/r/bpatrik/pigallery2/tags/


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Freshlytics is an open source privacy-friendly analytics software. It aims to be reliable, friendly to use and easy to deploy.

PRs are welcome!


22 May 2020Last Commit132 (53/yr)Github Stars24Issues

The EteSync Web App - Use EteSync from the browser!

Note: This is still in an early stage, but it should be safe to use. It uses the battle tested sjcl javascript crypto library for encryption, so that should be fine too.

A live instance is available on: https://client.etesync.com

Please be advised that while it's probably safe enough to use the hosted client in many cases, it's generally not preferable. It's recommended that you use signed releases which's signature you manually verify and are run locally!


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(pronounce compact-D)

Compactd aims to be a self-hosted remote music player in your browser, streaming from you own personal server. It will also allows to download new music onto your server just like headphones does.

Redux, React, PouchDB, Webpack, Typescript, Socket.io...

Follow the steps. Once it is down everything is configured!

You need at least to locations, one for the http part and one for the socket server which allows realtime data update. Example:

Just run

This will spawn a pm2 process in the background if it's not already running for process management.


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The cloud computer is a one click deploy computer accessible through any web browser. It can be run on-premises, or on a cloud provider. It can be thought of as an open source Citrix Receiver.

The cloud computer deploys with one command once cloud provider credentials are supplied.

Supply your cloud provider and domain name configuration.

Run yarn create:cloud-computer.

Open https://terminal.your-domain.com to access the terminal user interface or https://desktop.your-domain.com to access the desktop environment.


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Can "proxy"/mirror any RSS Feed to fetch full-text Content. Allows integration into any feed reader, without plugins or further configuration required.

Note: You have to set the environment variables described in Configuration yourself, and you have to start a local redis server.

The application is easily configurable with environment variables.

We have to define two query parameters:

A collection of selectors can be found on the wiki page. If you create or improve a selector, feel free to open a pull request to add it to the wiki page.