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Kubernetes is an open source system for managing containerized applications across multiple hosts. It provides basic mechanisms for deployment, maintenance, and scaling of applications.

Kubernetes builds upon a decade and a half of experience at Google running production workloads at scale using a system called Borg, combined with best-of-breed ideas and practices from the community.

Kubernetes is hosted by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). If your company wants to help shape the evolution of technologies that are container-packaged, dynamically scheduled, and microservices-oriented, consider joining the CNCF. For details about who's involved and how Kubernetes plays a role, read the CNCF announcement.


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The Gogs (/gɑgz/) project aims to build a simple, stable and extensible self-hosted Git service that can be setup in the most painless way. With Go, this can be done with an independent binary distribution across ALL platforms that Go supports, including Linux, macOS, Windows and ARM.

Make sure you install the prerequisites first.

There are 6 ways to install Gogs:

This project is under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for the full license text.


22 May 2020Last Commit31332 (25283/yr)Github Stars97Issues

Run VS Code on any machine anywhere and access it in the browser.

For a full setup and walkthrough, please see ./doc/

We recommend installing with yarn or npm if we don't have a precompiled release for your machine's platform or architecture or your glibc < v2.19.

note: Installing via yarn or npm builds native modules on install and so requires C dependencies. See ./doc/ for installing these dependencies.

You will need at least node v12 installed. See #1633.

We publish self contained .tar.gz archives for every release on github. They bundle the node binary and node_modules.


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Syncthing is a continuous file synchronization program. It synchronizes files between two or more computers. We strive to fulfill the goals below. The goals are listed in order of importance, the most important one being the first. This is the summary version of the goal list - for more commentary, see the full Goals document.

Syncthing should be:

Safe From Data Loss

Protecting the user's data is paramount. We take every reasonable precaution to avoid corrupting the user's files.

Secure Against Attackers


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Note: The master branch may be in an unstable or even broken state during development. Please use releases instead of the master branch in order to get stable binaries.

etcd is a distributed reliable key-value store for the most critical data of a distributed system, with a focus on being:

etcd is written in Go and uses the Raft consensus algorithm to manage a highly-available replicated log.

etcd is used in production by many companies, and the development team stands behind it in critical deployment scenarios, where etcd is frequently teamed with applications such as Kubernetes, locksmith, vulcand, Doorman, and many others. Reliability is further ensured by rigorous testing.


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Traefik (pronounced traffic) is a modern HTTP reverse proxy and load balancer that makes deploying microservices easy. Traefik integrates with your existing infrastructure components (Docker, Swarm mode, Kubernetes, Marathon, Consul, Etcd, Rancher, Amazon ECS, ...) and configures itself automatically and dynamically. Pointing Traefik at your orchestrator should be the only configuration step you need.

. Overview . Features . Supported backends . Quickstart . Web UI . Documentation .

. Support . Release cycle . Contributing . Maintainers . Credits .


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A modern, enterprise-ready business intelligence web application.

Why Superset | Database Support | Installation and Configuration | Get Help | Contributor Guide | Resources | Superset Users | License |

View Dashboards

Slice & dice your data

Query and visualize your data with SQL Lab

Visualize geospatial data with

Choose from a wide array of visualizations

Superset provides:

Superset speaks many SQL dialects through SQLAlchemy - a Python SQL toolkit that is compatible with most databases. A list of supported databases can be found here.


23 May 2020Last Commit28419 (3943/yr)Github Stars455Issues

Huginn is a system for building agents that perform automated tasks for you online. They can read the web, watch for events, and take actions on your behalf. Huginn's Agents create and consume events, propagating them along a directed graph. Think of it as a hackable version of IFTTT or Zapier on your own server. You always know who has your data. You do.

Join us in our Gitter room to discuss the project.

Want to help with Huginn? All contributions are encouraged! You could make UI improvements, add new Agents, write documentation and tutorials, or try tackling issues tagged with #help-wanted. Please fork, add specs, and send pull requests!


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Kong is a cloud-native, fast, scalable, and distributed Microservice Abstraction Layer (also known as an API Gateway or API Middleware). Made available as an open-source project in 2015, its core values are high performance and extensibility.

Actively maintained, Kong is widely used in production at companies ranging from startups to Global 5000 as well as government organizations.

Installation | Documentation | Forum | Blog | IRC (freenode): #kong | Nightly Builds

If you are building for the web, mobile, or IoT (Internet of Things) you will likely end up needing common functionality to run your actual software. Kong can help by acting as a gateway (or a sidecar) for microservices requests while providing load balancing, logging, authentication, rate-limiting, transformations, and more through plugins.


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The most advanced open-source headless CMS to build powerful APIs with no effort.

Strapi is a free and open source headless CMS delivering your content anywhere you need.

Read the Getting Started tutorial or follow the steps below:

Install Strapi with this Quickstart command to create a Strapi project instantly:


This command generates a brand new project with the default features (authentication, permissions, content management, content type builder & file upload). The Quickstart command installs Strapi using a SQLite database which is used for prototyping in development.


23 May 2020Last Commit24613 (6879/yr)Github Stars253Issues

LocalStack provides an easy-to-use test/mocking framework for developing Cloud applications.

Currently, the focus is primarily on supporting the AWS cloud stack.

LocalStack spins up the following core Cloud APIs on your local machine.

Note: Starting with version 0.11.0, all APIs are exposed via a single edge service, which is accessible on http://localhost:4566 by default (customizable via EDGE_PORT, see further below). The API-specific endpoints below are still left for backwards-compatibility, but may get removed in a future release - please reconfigure your client SDKs to start using the single edge endpoint URL!


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MinIO is a High Performance Object Storage released under Apache License v2.0. It is API compatible with Amazon S3 cloud storage service. Use MinIO to build high performance infrastructure for machine learning, analytics and application data workloads.

NOTE: Docker will not display the default keys unless you start the container with the -it(interactive TTY) argument. Generally, it is not recommended to use default keys with containers. Please visit MinIO Docker quickstart guide for more information here


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Drone is a Continuous Delivery system built on container technology. Drone uses a simple YAML configuration file, a superset of docker-compose, to define and execute Pipelines inside Docker containers.

Sample Pipeline Configuration:

Documentation and Other Links:

Please note the official Docker images run the Drone Enterprise distribution. If you would like to run the Community Edition you can build from source by following the instructions in BUILDING_OSS.


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Mastodon is a free, open-source social network server based on ActivityPub where users can follow friends and discover new ones. On Mastodon, users can publish anything they want: links, pictures, text, video. All Mastodon servers are interoperable as a federated network (users on one server can seamlessly communicate with users from another one, including non-Mastodon software that implements ActivityPub)!

Click below to learn more in a video:

No vendor lock-in: Fully interoperable with any conforming platform


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Metabase is the easy, open source way for everyone in your company to ask questions and learn from data.

For more information check out

Don't see your favorite database? File an issue to let us know.

Metabase can be run just about anywhere so checkout our Installation Guides for detailed instructions for various deployments. Here's the TLDR:

To run Metabase via Docker, just type

To run the jar you will need to have a Java Runtime installed. As a quick check to see if you system already has one, try


23 May 2020Last Commit18252 (3694/yr)Github Stars462Issues

Mattermost is an open source, private cloud, Slack-alternative from

It's written in Golang and React and runs as a single Linux binary with MySQL or PostgreSQL. Every month on the 16th a new compiled version is released under an MIT license.

Note: Heroku preview does not include email or persistent storage

Auto-deploy Mattermost to Amazon Web Services, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, or Oracle Cloud Platform via Bitnami.

In addition to the web interface, you can also download Mattermost clients for Android, iOS, Windows PC, Mac OSX, and Linux.


18 May 2020Last Commit17636 (5155/yr)Github Stars71Issues

OpenFaaS® makes it easy for developers to deploy event-driven functions and microservices to Kubernetes without repetitive, boiler-plate coding. Package your code or an existing binary in a Docker image to get a highly scalable endpoint with auto-scaling and metrics.


Want to dig deeper into OpenFaaS?

Individual Sponsorships / End-users / Insiders Track 🍻

OpenFaaS is free to use and completely open source under the MIT license, however financial backing is required to sustain the effort to maintain and develop the project.


23 May 2020Last Commit16813 (8702/yr)Github Stars1007Issues

Hasura GraphQL Engine is a blazing-fast GraphQL server that gives you instant, realtime GraphQL APIs over Postgres, with webhook triggers on database events, and remote schemas for business logic.

Hasura helps you build GraphQL apps backed by Postgres or incrementally move to GraphQL for existing applications using Postgres.

Read more at and the docs.

Read more at and the docs.

Table of Contents

The fastest way to try Hasura out is via Heroku.

Click on the following button to deploy GraphQL Engine on Heroku with the free Postgres add-on:


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Translations to non-English languages are accepted only at Transifex using webbrowser. New English strings of new features can be added as PRs to edge branch file wekan/i18n/en.i18n.json .

Please add most of your questions as GitHub issue: Wekan feature requests and bugs. It's better than at chat where details get lost when chat scrolls up.

- Most Wekan community and developers are here. Works on webbrowser and PWA app that can be added as icon on Android and bookmark on iOS, used like native app.


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Decentralized websites using Bitcoin crypto and the BitTorrent network -

Tip: Start with ./ --ui_ip '*' --ui_restrict your.ip.address to allow remote connections on the web interface.

There is an official image, built from source at:

Next steps: ZeroNet Developer Documentation


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In a nutshell, Jenkins is the leading open-source automation server. Built with Java, it provides over 1600 plugins to support automating virtually anything, so that humans can actually spend their time doing things machines cannot.

Use Jenkins to automate your development workflow so you can focus on work that matters most. Jenkins is commonly used for:

Execute repetitive tasks, save time, and optimize your development process with Jenkins.

Non-source downloads such as WAR files and several Linux packages can be found on our Mirrors.


23 May 2020Last Commit15048 (1601/yr)Github Stars81Issues

A network daemon that runs on the Node.js platform and listens for statistics, like counters and timers, sent over UDP or TCP and sends aggregates to one or more pluggable backend services (e.g., Graphite).


Each stat is in its own "bucket". They are not predefined anywhere. Buckets can be named anything that will translate to Graphite (periods make folders, etc)


Each stat will have a value. How it is interpreted depends on modifiers. In general values should be integers.


After the flush interval timeout (defined by config.flushInterval, default 10 seconds), stats are aggregated and sent to an upstream backend service.


23 May 2020Last Commit11907 (1850/yr)Github Stars560Issues

Jitsi Meet is an open-source (Apache) WebRTC JavaScript application that uses Jitsi Videobridge to provide high quality, secure and scalable video conferences. Jitsi Meet in action can be seen at here at the session #482 of the VoIP Users Conference.

The Jitsi Meet client runs in your browser, without installing anything else on your computer. You can try it out at

Jitsi Meet allows very efficient collaboration. Users can stream their desktop or only some windows. It also supports shared document editing with Etherpad.


23 May 2020Last Commit11687 (2507/yr)Github Stars1589Issues

Zulip is a powerful, open source group chat application that combines the immediacy of real-time chat with the productivity benefits of threaded conversations. Zulip is used by open source projects, Fortune 500 companies, large standards bodies, and others who need a real-time chat system that allows users to easily process hundreds or thousands of messages a day. With over 500 contributors merging over 500 commits a month, Zulip is also the largest and fastest growing open source group chat project.


19 May 2020Last Commit11267 (1642/yr)Github Stars274Issues

GoAccess is an open source real-time web log analyzer and interactive viewer that runs in a terminal on *nix systems or through your browser. It provides fast and valuable HTTP statistics for system administrators that require a visual server report on the fly. More info at:

GoAccess parses the specified web log file and outputs the data to the X terminal. Features include:

Completely Real Time
All panels and metrics are timed to be updated every 200 ms on the terminal output and every second on the HTML output.


23 May 2020Last Commit10722 (1800/yr)Github Stars439Issues

cAdvisor (Container Advisor) provides container users an understanding of the resource usage and performance characteristics of their running containers. It is a running daemon that collects, aggregates, processes, and exports information about running containers. Specifically, for each container it keeps resource isolation parameters, historical resource usage, histograms of complete historical resource usage and network statistics. This data is exported by container and machine-wide.

cAdvisor has native support for Docker containers and should support just about any other container type out of the box. We strive for support across the board so feel free to open an issue if that is not the case. cAdvisor's container abstraction is based on lmctfy's so containers are inherently nested hierarchically.


15 May 2020Last Commit10716 (1056/yr)Github Stars30Issues

Gollum version 5.0 is out! See here for a list of changes and new features compared to Gollum version 4.x, and see some Screenshots of Gollum's features.

Gollum is a simple wiki system built on top of Git. A Gollum Wiki is simply a git repository of a specific nature:

Gollum runs on Unix-like systems using its adapter for rugged by default. You can also run Gollum on JRuby via its adapter for RJGit. On Windows, Gollum runs only on JRuby.

Installation examples for individual systems can be seen here.


12 May 2020Last Commit10383 (1916/yr)Github Stars4Issues

A curated list of amazingly awesome open source sysadmin resources. Please read CONTRIBUTING if you wish to add software and consider donating to the FLOSS projects you use regularly.

Automation build.

Backup software. Also see Restic's list of Linux backup software.

Build and software organization tools.

Conversation-driven development and management. See for more information.

Managing software on desktop computers.

Cloning software.

Web Based collaborative code review system.


23 May 2020Last Commit10143 (1518/yr)Github Stars80Issues

Reaction is a headless commerce platform built using Node.js, React, and GraphQL. It plays nicely with npm, Docker and Kubernetes.

Follow the documentation to install Reaction with Reaction Platform for all supported operating systems.

To stop the API and the MongoDB server, enter docker-compose down.

CTRL+C to stop.

CTRL+C to interrupt the test run.

CTRL+C to interrupt the test run.



Use an external GraphQL client to test http://localhost:3000/graphql. GraphQL Playground isn't served on GET requests because it's in production mode.


23 May 2020Last Commit9697 (1641/yr)Github Stars936Issues

IPFS is a global, versioned, peer-to-peer filesystem. It combines good ideas from previous systems such as Git, BitTorrent, Kademlia, SFS, and the Web. It is like a single BitTorrent swarm, exchanging git objects. IPFS provides an interface as simple as the HTTP web, but with permanence built-in. You can also mount the world at /ipfs.

For more info see:

Before opening an issue, consider using one of the following locations to ensure you are opening your thread in the right place:


15 May 2020Last Commit9693 (1434/yr)Github Stars98Issues

Sovereign is a set of Ansible playbooks that you can use to build and maintain your own personal cloud based entirely on open source software, so you’re in control.

If you’ve never used Ansible before, you might find these playbooks useful to learn from, since they show off a fair bit of what the tool can do.

The original author's background and motivations might be of interest. tl;dr: frustrations with Google Apps and concerns about privacy and long-term support.

Sovereign offers useful cloud services while being reasonably secure and low-maintenance. Use it to set up your server, SSH in every couple weeks, but mostly forget about it.


23 May 2020Last Commit9654 (1273/yr)Github Stars987Issues

Website | Documentation | Developer Mailing List | User Mailing List | Slack | Twitter | Download

Druid is a high performance real-time analytics database. Druid's main value add is to reduce time to insight and action.

Druid is designed for workflows where fast queries and ingest really matter. Druid excels at powering UIs, running operational (ad-hoc) queries, or handling high concurrency. Consider Druid as an open source alternative to data warehouses for a variety of use cases.

You can get started with Druid with our quickstart.


23 May 2020Last Commit9643 (2950/yr)Github Stars367Issues

Monica is a great open source personal relationship management system.

Monica is an open-source web application to organize the interactions with your loved ones. We call it a PRM, or Personal Relationship Management. Think of it as a CRM (a popular tool used by sales teams in the corporate world) for your friends or family. This is what it currently looks like:

Monica allows people to keep track of everything that's important about their friends and family. Like the activities done with them. When you last called someone. What you talked about. It will help you remember the name and the age of the kids. It can also remind you to call someone you haven't talked to in a while.


15 May 2020Last Commit9551 (3180/yr)Github Stars149Issues

Docs: FAQ, Encryption, Build, Docker, Metrics, More

A file sharing experiment which allows you to send encrypted files to other users.

To start an ephemeral development server run:

Then browse to http://localhost:8080

The server is configured with environment variables. See server/config.js for all options and docs/ for examples.

Firefox Send localization is managed via Pontoon, not direct pull requests to the repository. If you want to fix a typo, add a new language, or simply know more about localization, please get in touch with the existing localization team for your language or Mozilla’s l10n-drivers for guidance.


02 May 2020Last Commit9357 (1140/yr)Github Stars243Issues

A self-hosted chat app for small teams built by Security Compass.

For installation instructions, please use the following links:

We have a troubleshooting document, otherwise please use our mailing list for support issues and questions.

Have a bug or a feature request? Please first read the issue guidelines and search for existing and closed issues. If your problem or idea is not addressed yet, please open a new issue.

Let's Chat documentation is hosted in the wiki. If there is an inaccuracy in the documentation, please open a new issue.


23 May 2020Last Commit8999 (982/yr)Github Stars244Issues

Etherpad is a real-time collaborative editor scalable to thousands of simultaneous real time users. It provides full data export capabilities, and runs on your server, under your control.

Try it out

You'll need git and node.js installed (minimum required Node version: 10.13.0).

As any user (we recommend creating a separate user called etherpad):

To update to the latest released version, execute git pull origin. The next start with bin/ will update the dependencies.

Next steps.

This package runs on any Windows machine, but for development purposes, please do a manual install.


23 May 2020Last Commit8835 (1920/yr)Github Stars215Issues

This webapp is a browser and desktop password manager compatible with KeePass databases. It doesn't require any server or additional resources. The app can run either in browser, or as a desktop app.

Apps: Web, Desktop
Timeline: Release Notes, TODO
On one page: Features, FAQ
Twitter: kee_web
Donate: OpenCollective, GitHub

The app is quite stable now. Basic stuff, as well as more advanced operations, should be rather reliable.

Everything you need to host this app on your server is any static file server. The app is a single HTML file + a service worker (optionally; for offline access). You can download the latest distribution files from gh-pages branch.


21 May 2020Last Commit8822 (1498/yr)Github Stars12Issues

A curated list of awesome big data frameworks, resources and other awesomeness. Inspired by awesome-php, awesome-python, awesome-ruby, hadoopecosystemtable & big-data.

Your contributions are always welcome!

Note: There is some term confusion in the industry, and two different things are called "Columnar Databases". Some, listed here, are distributed, persistent databases built around the "key-map" data model: all data has a (possibly composite) key, with which a map of key-value pairs is associated. In some systems, multiple such value maps can be associated with a key, and these maps are referred to as "column families" (with value map keys being referred to as "columns").


23 May 2020Last Commit8599 (1672/yr)Github Stars1042Issues

Telegraf is an agent for collecting, processing, aggregating, and writing metrics.

Design goals are to have a minimal memory footprint with a plugin system so that developers in the community can easily add support for collecting metrics.

Telegraf is plugin-driven and has the concept of 4 distinct plugin types:

New plugins are designed to be easy to contribute, pull requests are welcomed and we work to incorporate as many pull requests as possible.

You can try Telegraf right in your browser in the Telegraf playground.


23 May 2020Last Commit8553 (2136/yr)Github Stars87Issues

An open, extensible, wiki for your team built using React and Node.js.
Try out Outline using our hosted version at

This is the source code that runs Outline and all the associated services. If you want to use Outline then you don't need to run this code, we offer a hosted version of the app at

If you'd like to run your own copy of Outline or contribute to development then this is the place for you.

Outline requires the following dependencies:


22 May 2020Last Commit7804 (1072/yr)Github Stars183Issues

Saleor is a rapidly-growing open source e-commerce platform that has served high-volume companies from branches like publishing and apparel since 2012. Based on Python and Django, the latest major update introduces a modular front end powered by a GraphQL API and written with React and TypeScript.

Saleor is free and always will be. Help us out… If you love free stuff and great software, give us a star! 🌟

Saleor requires Python 3.8, Node.js 10.0+, PostgreSQL and OS-specific dependency tools.

See the Saleor docs for step-by-step installation and deployment instructions.


08 May 2020Last Commit7629 (946/yr)Github Stars103Issues

The aim for this project is to create the worlds best and hottest interface to interact with aria2. aria2 is the worlds best file downloader, but sometimes the command line brings more power than necessary. The project was initially created as part of the GSOC scheme, however it has rapidly grown and changed with tremendous support and feedback from the aria2 community.

Very simple to use, no build scripts, no installation scripts. First start aria2 in the background either in your local machine or in a remote one. You can do that as follows:


23 May 2020Last Commit7589 (8238/yr)Github Stars62Issues

n8n is a free and open fair-code licensed node based Workflow Automation Tool. It can be self-hosted, easily extended, and so also used with internal tools.

📺 A short demo (< 3 min) which shows how to create a simple workflow which automatically sends a new Slack notification every time a Github repository received or lost a star.

n8n has 100+ different nodes to automate workflows. The list can be found on:

The official n8n documentation can be found under:

Additional information and example workflows on the website:


28 Mar 2020Last Commit7471 (1268/yr)Github Stars30Issues

Paperwork is an open-source, self-hosted alternative to services like Evernote®, Microsoft OneNote® or Google Keep®

We at Paperwork believe that your private data should be yours and no other person or corporation should be able to access or even benefit from it. Hence it is our goal to build software that enables everyone to store and manage their documents in a cloud that's theirs alone – whether it's a computer scientist working with confidential data, a critical journalist, a freedom-of-speech activist or just your grandparents. Our goal is to be your privacy focused, open-source alternative to Evernote®, Microsoft OneNote® and Google Keep® for capturing ideas and managing documents.


20 May 2020Last Commit7469 (2030/yr)Github Stars56Issues

Winds is a beautiful open-source RSS and Podcast app created using React & Redux on the frontend and Express.js on the backend. Use the free hosted version or run it on your own server and customize it as you see fit. Contributions in form of pull requests are always appreciated. Activity Feeds & Discovery in Winds are powered by Stream, the app leverages Algolia for search, AWS for hosting, MongoDB Atlas for a hosted database (DBaaS), and SendGrid for email. All of these services have a free tier.


23 May 2020Last Commit7147 (1565/yr)Github Stars329Issues

Website | Join an instance | Create an instance | Chat with us | Donate

Be part of a network of multiple small federated, interoperable video hosting providers. Follow video creators and create videos. No vendor lock-in. All on a platform that is community-owned and ad-free.

Developed with by Framasoft



PeerTube is a free, decentralized and federated video platform developed as an alternative to other platforms that centralize our data and attention, such as YouTube, Dailymotion or Vimeo. 🎬


06 Apr 2020Last Commit6803 (5288/yr)Github Stars65Issues

Your open-source personal assistant.

Website :: Documentation :: Roadmap :: Contributing :: Story


I'm focusing on another project, so the progress of this repo might slow down for a while. You can subscribe here to be part of the first ones.

Leon is an open-source personal assistant who can live on your server.

He does stuff when you ask him for.

You can talk to him and he can talk to you. You can also text him and he can also text you. If you want to, Leon can communicate with you by being offline to protect your privacy.


20 May 2020Last Commit6773 (1077/yr)Github Stars146Issues


29 Apr 2020Last Commit6741 (794/yr)Github Stars77Issues

Dillinger is a cloud-enabled, mobile-ready, offline-storage, AngularJS powered HTML5 Markdown editor.

You can also:

Markdown is a lightweight markup language based on the formatting conventions that people naturally use in email. As John Gruber writes on the Markdown site

The overriding design goal for Markdown's formatting syntax is to make it as readable as possible. The idea is that a Markdown-formatted document should be publishable as-is, as plain text, without looking like it's been marked up with tags or formatting instructions.


24 May 2020Last Commit6652 (4563/yr)Github Stars548Issues

Jellyfin is a Free Software Media System that puts you in control of managing and streaming your media. It is an alternative to the proprietary Emby and Plex, to provide media from a dedicated server to end-user devices via multiple apps. Jellyfin is descended from Emby's 3.5.2 release and ported to the .NET Core framework to enable full cross-platform support. There are no strings attached, no premium licenses or features, and no hidden agendas: just a team who want to build something better and work together to achieve it. We welcome anyone who is interested in joining us in our quest!


22 May 2020Last Commit6494 (983/yr)Github Stars504Issues

A privacy-respecting, hackable metasearch engine.

Pronunciation: səːks

List of running instances.

See the documentation and the wiki for more information.

Go to the searx-docker project.

For all of the details, follow this step by step installation.

Note: the documentation needs to be updated.

Bugs or suggestions? Visit the issue tracker.


08 May 2020Last Commit6475 (1844/yr)Github Stars40Issues

Fathom Analytics is a simpler and more privacy-focused alternative to Google Analytics.

Collecting information on the internet is important, but it’s broken. We’ve become complacent in trading information for free access to web services, and then complaining when those web services do crappy things with that data.

The problem is this: if we aren’t paying for the product, we are the product.

Google Analytics may give you free access to their services but in turn, they’re assembling data profiles on your website visitors, which they can then use for better targeting of advertisements across their network.


23 May 2020Last Commit6446 (2112/yr)Github Stars77Issues

▶️ Quickstart | Demo | Github | Documentation | Info & Motivation | Community | Roadmap

ArchiveBox takes a list of website URLs you want to archive, and creates a local, static, browsable HTML clone of the content from those websites (it saves HTML, JS, media files, PDFs, images and more).

You can use it to preserve access to websites you care about by storing them locally offline. ArchiveBox imports lists of URLs, renders the pages in a headless, authenticated, user-scriptable browser, and then archives the content in multiple redundant common formats (HTML, PDF, PNG, WARC) that will last long after the originals disappear off the internet. It automatically extracts assets and media from pages and saves them in easily-accessible folders, with out-of-the-box support for extracting git repositories, audio, video, subtitles, images, PDFs, and more.


22 May 2020Last Commit6082 (1179/yr)Github Stars907Issues

Next-generation container development platform, developer workspace server and cloud IDE

Che is Kubernetes-native and places everything the developer needs into containers in Kube pods including dependencies, embedded containerized runtimes, a web IDE, and project code. This makes workspaces distributed, collaborative, and portable to run anywhere Kubernetes runs ... Read More

Visit website at: and documentation at:

Here you can find links on how to get started with Eclipse Che:


19 May 2020Last Commit5999 (1187/yr)Github Stars248Issues

CodiMD lets you collaborate in real-time with markdown. Built on HackMD source code, CodiMD lets you host and control your team's content with speed and ease.

HackMD helps developers write better documents and build active communities with open collaboration. HackMD is built with one promise - You own and control all your content:

CodiMD is the free software version of HackMD, developed and opened source by the HackMD team with reduced features (without book mode), you can use CodiMD for your community and own all your data. (See the origin of the name CodiMD.)


21 May 2020Last Commit5485 (1064/yr)Github Stars142Issues

A fullstack but simple mail server (smtp, imap, antispam, antivirus...). Only configuration files, no SQL database. Keep it simple and versioned. Easy to deploy and upgrade.

At this point we have merged the next branch based on Debian Buster into master. That means the docker image latest uses Buster. The change may break things!

The following possibly breaking changes are known:

If you want to stick to the old version a while longer, either switch to stable or to a specific version. If you run into problems, please raise issues and ask for help. Don't forget to provide details.


21 May 2020Last Commit5382 (622/yr)Github Stars235Issues

Sonarr is a PVR for Usenet and BitTorrent users. It can monitor multiple RSS feeds for new episodes of your favorite shows and will grab, sort and rename them. It can also be configured to automatically upgrade the quality of files already downloaded when a better quality format becomes available.


23 May 2020Last Commit5341 (2298/yr)Github Stars78Issues

PhotoPrism™ is a server-based application for browsing, organizing and sharing your personal photo collection. It makes use of the latest technologies to automatically tag and find pictures without getting in your way. Say goodbye to solutions that force you to upload your visual memories to the cloud.

More screenshots:

You're welcome to play with our demo at Leave your email to get a release notification.

Step-by-step installation instructions can be found in our User Guide. Developers can skip this and move on to the Developer Guide.


23 May 2020Last Commit5174 (588/yr)Github Stars1127Issues

Minetest is a free open-source voxel game engine with easy modding and game creation.

Copyright (C) 2010-2020 Perttu Ahola and contributors (see source file comments and the version control log)

If you downloaded the Minetest Engine source code in which this file is contained, you probably want to download the Minetest Game project too. See its README.txt for more information.

All controls are re-bindable using settings. Some can be changed in the key config dialog in the settings tab.


22 May 2020Last Commit5174 (818/yr)Github Stars78Issues

Kanboard is project management software that focuses on the Kanban methodology.


23 May 2020Last Commit5105 (786/yr)Github Stars599Issues

Just make sure to add the invoice-ninja tag to your question.

All Pro and Enterprise features from the hosted app are included in the open-source code. We offer a $30 per year white-label license to remove the Invoice Ninja branding from client facing parts of the app.

The self-host zip includes all third party libraries whereas downloading the code from GitHub requires using Composer to install the dependencies.

Feel free to email us for help if you're working on a module, we're happy to provide developer support.


23 May 2020Last Commit5054 (2424/yr)Github Stars87Issues

Lightning Fast, Ultra Relevant, and Typo-Tolerant Search Engine 🔍

MeiliSearch is a powerful, fast, open-source, easy to use and deploy search engine. Both searching and indexing are highly customizable. Features such as typo-tolerance, filters, and synonyms are provided out-of-the-box. For more information about features go to our documentation.

MeiliSearch helps the Rust community find crates on

If you have the Rust toolchain already installed on your local system, clone the repository and change it to your working directory.


23 May 2020Last Commit4926 (808/yr)Github Stars717Issues

Concourse is an automation system written in Go. It is most commonly used for CI/CD, and is built to scale to any kind of automation pipeline, from simple to complex.

Concourse is very opinionated about a few things: idempotency, immutability, declarative config, stateless workers, and reproducible builds.

Concourse is distributed as a single concourse binary, available on the Releases page.

If you want to just kick the tires, jump ahead to the Quick Start.

In addition to the concourse binary, there are a few other supported formats. Consult their GitHub repos for more information:


23 May 2020Last Commit4740 (1001/yr)Github Stars546Issues

A platform for storing and organising information and documentation. Details for BookStack can be found on the official website at

BookStack is an opinionated wiki system that provides a pleasant and simple out of the box experience. New users to an instance should find the experience intuitive and only basic word-processing skills should be required to get involved in creating content on BookStack. The platform should provide advanced power features to those that desire it but they should not interfere with the core simple user experience.


23 May 2020Last Commit4708 (627/yr)Github Stars1958Issues

PrestaShop is an Open Source e-commerce web application, committed to providing the best shopping cart experience for both merchants and customers. It is written in PHP, is highly customizable, supports all the major payment services, is translated in many languages and localized for many countries, has a fully responsive design (both front and back office), etc. See all the available features.

This repository contains the source code of PrestaShop, which is intended for development and preview only. To download the latest stable public version of PrestaShop (currently, version 1.7), please go to the download page on the official PrestaShop site.


22 May 2020Last Commit4528 (440/yr)Github Stars170Issues

ejabberd is a distributed, fault-tolerant technology that allows the creation of large-scale instant messaging applications. The server can reliably support thousands of simultaneous users on a single node and has been designed to provide exceptional standards of fault tolerance. As an open source technology, based on industry-standards, ejabberd can be used to build bespoke solutions very cost effectively.

Cross-platform ejabberd runs under Microsoft Windows and Unix-derived systems such as Linux, FreeBSD and NetBSD.


23 May 2020Last Commit4512 (764/yr)Github Stars43Issues

A free and open source personal finance manager
Explore the docs »

View Demo · Report Bug · Request Feature

"Firefly III" is a (self-hosted) manager for your personal finances. It can help you keep track of your expenses and income, so you can spend less and save more. Firefly III supports the use of budgets, categories and tags. It can import data from external sources and it has many neat financial reports available.

Firefly III should give you insight into and control over your finances. Money should be useful, not scary. You should be able to see where it is going, to feel your expenses and to... wow, I'm going overboard with this aren't I?


21 May 2020Last Commit4427 (582/yr)Github Stars192Issues

more screenshots

Currently v2 is experiencing some bugs, please use v1.11.0 instead.

Strider is an Open Source Continuous Deployment / Continuous Integration platform. It is written in Node.JS / JavaScript and uses MongoDB as a backing store. It is published under the BSD license.

Strider is extremely customizable through plugins. Plugins can

Note: Installing on OS X might require XCode to be installed.

Make sure you have MongoDB installed on your system. You can get the latest version at


22 May 2020Last Commit4420 (747/yr)Github Stars87Issues

Beehive is an event and agent system, which allows you to create your own agents that perform automated tasks triggered by events and filters. It is modular, flexible and really easy to extend for anyone. It has modules (we call them Hives), so it can interface with, talk to, or retrieve information from Twitter, Tumblr, Email, IRC, Jabber, RSS, Jenkins, Hue - to name just a few. Check out the full list of available Hives in our Wiki.

Connecting those modules with each other lets you create immensly useful agents.


07 Apr 2020Last Commit4367 (877/yr)Github Stars130Issues

Cloud torrent is a a self-hosted remote torrent client, written in Go (golang). You start torrents remotely, which are downloaded as sets of files on the local disk of the server, which are then retrievable or streamable via HTTP.

See Future Features here


See the latest release or download and install it now with

Tip: Auto-run cloud-torrent on boot



Go is required to install from source


Digital Ocean




Heroku is no longer supported

The next set of core features can be tracked here. This feature set requires large structural changes and therefore requires a complete rewrite for best results. This rewrite is in progress in the 0.9 branch though it will take quite some time.


11 May 2020Last Commit4357 (1053/yr)Github Stars369Issues

Mailtrain is a self hosted newsletter application built on Node.js (v7+) and MySQL (v5.5+ or MariaDB).

Subscribe to Mailtrain Newsletter here (uses Mailtrain obviously)

Depending on how you have configured your system and Docker you may need to prepend the commands below with sudo.

For more information, please read the docs.


20 May 2020Last Commit4295 (835/yr)Github Stars9Issues

Centrifugo is a real-time messaging server. It's language-agnostic and can be used in conjunction with application backend written in any programming language. Centrifugo runs as separate service and keeps persistent Websocket or SockJS connections from your application clients (from web browsers or other environments like iOS/Android apps). When you need to deliver event to your clients in real-time you publish it to Centrifugo API and Centrifugo then broadcasts event to all connected clients interested in this event (i.e. clients subscribed on event channel). In other words – this is a user-facing PUB/SUB server.


24 May 2020Last Commit4183 (1226/yr)Github Stars322Issues

New UI Development: For an overview of the new UI development see

Radarr is an independent fork of Sonarr reworked for automatically downloading movies via Usenet and BitTorrent.

The project was inspired by other Usenet/BitTorrent movie downloaders such as CouchPotato.

See the Roadmap blogpost for an overview of planned features.

Radarr is currently undergoing rapid development and pull requests are actively added into the repository.

See the Roadmap blogpost for an overview of planned features.


23 May 2020Last Commit4144 (821/yr)Github Stars618Issues

Transmission is a fast, easy, and free BitTorrent client. It comes in several flavors:

Visit for more information.

Transmission is fully supported in transmission-remote, the preferred cli client.

Three standalone tools to examine, create, and edit .torrent files exist: transmission-show, transmission-create, and transmission-edit, respectively.

Prior to development of transmission-remote, the standalone client transmission-cli was created. Limited to a single torrent at a time, transmission-cli is deprecated and exists primarily to support older hardware dependent upon it. In almost all instances, transmission-remote should be used instead.


29 Mar 2020Last Commit4134 (713/yr)Github Stars109Issues

It should be easy and robust to handle dynamic virtual hosts, load balancing, proxying web sockets and SSL encryption.

With Redbird you get a complete library to build dynamic reverse proxies with the speed and robustness of http-proxy.

This light-weight package includes everything you need for easy reverse routing of your applications. Great for routing many applications from different domains in one single host, handling SSL with ease, etc.

Developed by manast

Support for HTTP2. You can now enable HTTP2 just by setting the HTTP2 flag to true. Keep in mind that HTTP2 requires SSL/TLS certificates. Thankfully we also support LetsEncrypt so this becomes easy as pie.


19 May 2020Last Commit4036 (1729/yr)Github Stars60Issues

Shiori is a simple bookmarks manager written in Go language. Intended as a simple clone of Pocket. You can use it as command line application or as web application. This application is distributed as a single binary, which means it can be installed and used easily.

All documentation is available in wiki. If you think there are incomplete or incorrect information, feels free to edit it.

Shiori is distributed using MIT license, which means you can use and modify it however you want. However, if you make an enhancement for it, if possible, please send a pull request. If you like this project, please consider donating to me either via PayPal or Ko-Fi.


22 May 2020Last Commit3937 (1146/yr)Github Stars22Issues

Octobox helps you manage your GitHub notifications efficiently so you can spend less time managing and more time getting things done.

Don't lose track - Octobox adds an extra "archived" state to each notification so you can mark it as "done". If anything happens on an archived thread, issue or PR, Octobox will move it back into your inbox.

Starred notifications - Let's be honest, you probably don't have a 'favourite' issue but Octobox lets you highlight important notifications with a star so you can come back and find them easily.


23 May 2020Last Commit3810 (1681/yr)Github Stars56Issues

Image is based on Rust implementation of Bitwarden API.

This project is not associated with the Bitwarden project nor 8bit Solutions LLC.

Basically full implementation of Bitwarden API is provided including:

Pull the docker image and mount a volume from the host for persistent storage:

This will preserve any persistent data under /bw-data/, you can adapt the path to whatever suits you.

IMPORTANT: Some web browsers, like Chrome, disallow the use of Web Crypto APIs in insecure contexts. In this case, you might get an error like Cannot read property 'importKey'. To solve this problem, you need to access the web vault from HTTPS.


20 May 2020Last Commit3763 (1652/yr)Github Stars69Issues

Kutt is a modern URL shortener with support for custom domains. Shorten URLs, manage your links and view the click rate statistics.

Contributions and bug reports are welcome.

The new version of Kutt is here. In version 2, we used TypeScript and we moved from Neo4j to PostgreSQL database in favor of performance and we're working on adding new features.

If you're coming from v1, refer to to migrate data from Neo4j to PostgreSQL.

You need to have Node.js, PostgreSQL and Redis installed.


04 May 2020Last Commit3689 (397/yr)Github Stars1310Issues

CouchPotato (CP) is an automatic NZB and torrent downloader. You can keep a "movies I want"-list and it will search for NZBs/torrents of these movies every X hours. Once a movie is found, it will send it to SABnzbd or download the torrent to a specified directory.

CouchPotatoServer can be run from source. This will use git as updater, so make sure that is installed.

Windows, see the CP forum for more details:





Be sure you're running the latest version of Python 2.7.

If you're going to add styling or doing some javascript work you'll need a few tools that build and compress scss -> css and combine the javascript files. Node/NPM, Grunt, Compass


23 May 2020Last Commit3611 (3965/yr)Github Stars9Issues

listmonk is alpha software and may change and break. Use with caution. That said, it has been in active use at for several months where it has processed hundreds of campaigns and tens of millions of e-mails.

listmonk is a standalone, self-hosted, newsletter and mailing list manager. It is fast, feature-rich, and packed into a single binary. It uses a PostgreSQL database as its data store.

See the configuration Wiki page.

You can pull the official Docker Image from Docker Hub.

You can checkout the docker-compose.yml to get an idea of how to run listmonk with PostgreSQL together using Docker (also see configuring with environment variables).


24 May 2020Last Commit3571 (752/yr)Github Stars1324Issues

Sourcegraph OSS edition is a fast, open-source, fully-featured code search and navigation engine. Enterprise editions are available.


For a detailed guide to installing prerequisites, see these instructions.

Prebuilt Docker images are the fastest way to use Sourcegraph Enterprise. See the quickstart installation guide.

To use Sourcegraph OSS:

Ensure Docker is running

Initialize the PostgreSQL database

Configure the HTTPS reverse proxy

Start the development server

Sourcegraph should now be running at https://sourcegraph.test:3443.


19 May 2020Last Commit3472 (1187/yr)Github Stars41Issues

imgproxy is a fast and secure standalone server for resizing and converting remote images. The main principles of imgproxy are simplicity, speed, and security.

imgproxy can be used to provide a fast and secure way to replace all the image resizing code of your web application (like calling ImageMagick or GraphicsMagick, or using libraries), while also being able to resize everything on the fly, fast and easy. imgproxy is also indispensable when handling lots of image resizing, especially when images come from a remote source.


23 May 2020Last Commit3261 (678/yr)Github Stars173Issues

Calibre-Web is a web app providing a clean interface for browsing, reading and downloading eBooks using an existing Calibre database.

This software is a fork of library and licensed under the GPL v3 License.

Default admin login:
Username: admin
Password: admin123

Issues with Ubuntu: Please note that running the above install command can fail on some versions of Ubuntu, saying "can't combine user with prefix". This is a known bug and can be remedied by using the command pip install --system --target vendor -r requirements.txt instead.


13 May 2020Last Commit3156 (443/yr)Github Stars14Issues

Stringer has no external dependencies, no social recommendations/sharing, and no fancy machine learning algorithms.

But it does have keyboard shortcuts and was made with love!

Stringer is a Ruby (2.3.0+) app based on Sinatra, ActiveRecord, PostgreSQL, Backbone.js and DelayedJob.

Stringer will run just fine on the Heroku free plan.

Instructions are provided for deploying to Heroku manually, to any Ruby compatible Linux-based VPS, to Docker and to OpenShift.

You can access the keyboard shortcuts when using the app by hitting ?.


24 May 2020Last Commit3025 (1548/yr)Github Stars111Issues

Statping - Web and App Status Monitoring for Any Type of Project
View Wiki | Demo | iPhone | Android
API | Docker | EC2 | Mac | Linux | Windows

An easy to use Status Page for your websites and applications. Statping will automatically fetch the application and render a beautiful status page with tons of features for you to build an even better status page. This Status Page generator allows you to use MySQL, Postgres, or SQLite on multiple operating systems.

(dashboard login is admin, password admin)


20 May 2020Last Commit2995 (459/yr)Github Stars416Issues

Bosun is a time series alerting framework developed by Stack Exchange. Scollector is a metric collection agent. Learn more at

bosun and scollector are found under the cmd directory. Run go build in the corresponding directories to build each project. There's also a Makefile available for most tasks.

For a full stack with all dependencies, run docker-compose up from the docker directory. Don't forget to rebuild images and containers if you change the code:

If you only need the dependencies (Redis, OpenTSDB, HBase) and would like to run Bosun on your machine directly (e.g. to attach a debugger), you can bring up the dependencies with these three commands from the repository's root:


23 May 2020Last Commit2974 (1010/yr)Github Stars21Issues

A Dropbox-like file manager that let you manage your data anywhere it is located:
FTP • FTPS • SFTP • WebDAV • Git • S3LDAP • Mysql
CardDAV • CalDAV • Backblaze B2 • Minio
Dropbox • Google Drive

Filestash aims to solve the Dropbox problem by abstracting the storage aspect. This makes it possible to bring your own backend or create your own by implementing a simple interface. The power of that model makes it possible for non nerds to easily interact with complex systems without prior training (assuming they are familiar with Dropbox). As an example of that superpower, see our LDAP backend and the Mysql one that emulate a file system where first level folder are the databases, tables are represented as subfolders and each row is represented as a file:


15 Mar 2020Last Commit2912 (555/yr)Github Stars24Issues

Cooked up by Alex Kern & Neeraj Baid while eating Sliver @ UC Berkeley.

Using WebRTC, FilePizza eliminates the initial upload step required by other web-based file sharing services. When senders initialize a transfer, they receive a "tempalink" they can distribute to recipients. Upon visiting this link, recipients' browsers connect directly to the sender’s browser and may begin downloading the selected file. Because data is never stored in an intermediary server, the transfer is fast, private, and secure.


21 May 2020Last Commit2884 (682/yr)Github Stars174Issues

Attendize is an open-source ticketing and event management application built using the Laravel PHP framework. Attendize allows event organisers to sell tickets to their events and manage attendees without paying service fees to third party ticketing companies.

Open-source ticket selling and event management platform

Please report bugs here: Detailed bug reports are more likely to be looked at. Simple creating an issue and saying "it doesn't work" is not useful. Providing some steps to reproduce your problem as well as details about your operating system, PHP version etc can help.


04 Dec 2018Last Commit2754 (703/yr)Github Stars92Issues

Welcome to IronFunctions! The open source serverless platform.

IronFunctions is an open source serverless platform, or as we like to refer to it, Functions as a Service (FaaS) platform that you can run anywhere.

Serverless is a new paradigm in computing that enables simplicity, efficiency and scalability for both developers and operators. It's important to distinguish the two, because the benefits differ:

The main benefits that most people refer to are on the developer side and they include:

Since you'll be running IronFunctions yourself, the paying part may not apply, but it does apply to cost savings on your infrastructure bills as you'll read below.


23 May 2020Last Commit2728 (2426/yr)Github Stars56Issues

Simple Backend Server for your [Flutter / Vue / Angular / React / iOS / Android / *ANY OTHER*] Frontend App

Appwrite is a simple self-hosted backend server for web and mobile developers with a shiny dashboard and a very easy-to-use REST API.

Appwrite API services aim to make developer's life a lot easier by hiding the complexity of common and repetitive software development tasks.

Using Appwrite, you can easily manage user authentication with multiple sign-in methods, a database for storing and querying user and team data, storage and file management, image manipulation and cropping, schedule cron tasks and many other features to help you get more results in faster times and with a lot less code.


23 May 2020Last Commit2697 (379/yr)Github Stars60Issues

All documentation for ZoneMinder is now online at

ZoneMinder is an integrated set of applications which provide a complete surveillance solution allowing capture, analysis, recording and monitoring of any CCTV or security cameras attached to a Linux based machine. It is designed to run on distributions which support the Video For Linux (V4L) interface and has been tested with video cameras attached to BTTV cards, various USB cameras and also supports most IP network cameras.


19 May 2020Last Commit2697 (759/yr)Github Stars31Issues

An open framework to assemble ultra performance API Gateways with middlewares; core service of the KrakenD API Gateway.

Looking for the API gateway ready to use?

Site | Download | Build | Documentation | Blog

Consumers of REST API content (specially in microservices) often query backend services that weren't coded for the UI implementation. This is of course a good practice, but the UI consumers need to do implementations that suffer a lot of complexity and burden with the sizes of their microservices responses.


23 May 2020Last Commit2646 (618/yr)Github Stars25Issues

Official bootstrap for running your own Sentry with Docker.

To get started with all the defaults, simply clone the repo and run ./ in your local check-out.

There may need to be modifications to the included example config files (sentry/config.example.yml and sentry/ to accommodate your needs or your environment (such as adding GitHub credentials). If you want to perform these, do them before you run the install script and copy them without the .example extensions in the name (such as sentry/ before running the script.


22 May 2020Last Commit2645 (320/yr)Github Stars260Issues

GraphHopper is a fast and memory efficient Java routing engine, released under Apache License 2.0. By default it uses OpenStreetMap and GTFS data, but it can import other data sources.

We have a prospering community and welcome everyone. Let us know your problems, use cases or just say hello. Please see our community guidelines.

All questions go to our forum where we also have subsections specially for developers, mobile usage (iOS&Android), and our map matching component. Another place to ask questions is on Stackoverflow. Do not use our issue section for questions.


20 May 2020Last Commit2639 (775/yr)Github Stars42Issues

Do you have quite a bit of services running on your computer or server? Do you have a lot of bookmarks or have to memorize a bunch of ip's and ports? Well, Organizr is here to help with that. Organizr allows you to setup "Tabs" that will be loaded all in one webpage. You can then work on your server with ease. Want to give users access to some Tabs? No problem, just enable user support and have them make an account. Want guests to be able to visit too? Enable Guest support for those tabs.


22 May 2020Last Commit2635 (2066/yr)Github Stars109Issues

A link aggregator / reddit clone for the fediverse.

View Site · Documentation · Report Bug · Request Feature · Releases

Lemmy is similar to sites like Reddit,, Raddle, or Hacker News: you subscribe to forums you're interested in, post links and discussions, then vote, and comment on them. Behind the scenes, it is very different; anyone can easily run a server, and all these servers are federated (think email), and connected to the same universe, called the Fediverse.


20 May 2020Last Commit2598 (335/yr)Github Stars95Issues

This is the quite sad source code to the site operating at It is a Rails 5 codebase and uses a SQL (MariaDB in production) backend for the database.

You are free to use this code to start your own sister site because the code is available under a permissive license (3-clause BSD). We welcome bug reports and code contributions that help use improve As a volunteer project we're reluctant to take on work that's not useful to our site, so please understand if we don't want to adopt your custom feature.


05 May 2020Last Commit2405 (275/yr)Github Stars255Issues





Language: LiveScript

Runtime: Node.js (4.x preferred, should work with 0.8+)

Services: Redis (2.4+; fall-back to on-disk JSON storage if not present)

Browsers tested: Safari, Chrome, Firefox, IE.

Integrated with content management systems:

For global installation (may need root)

For local non-root installation

Nodejs older than 6.0

Or install with our Docker image, which comes with support for webworker-threads:


17 May 2020Last Commit2307 (743/yr)Github Stars179Issues

ERP beyond your fridge

There is the r/grocy subreddit to connect with other grocy users and getting help.

If you've found something that does not work or if you have an idea for an improvement or new things which you would find useful, feel free to open an issue in the issue tracker here.

See the website for a list of community contributed Add-ons / Tools:

A household needs to be managed. I did this so far (almost 10 years) with my first self written software (a C# windows forms application) and with a bunch of Excel sheets. The software is a pain to use and Excel is Excel. So I searched for and tried different things for a (very) long time, nothing 100 % fitted, so this is my aim for a "complete household management"-thing. ERP your fridge!


23 May 2020Last Commit2278 (335/yr)Github Stars210Issues

RSS-Bridge is a PHP project capable of generating RSS and Atom feeds for websites that don't have one. It can be used on webservers or as a stand-alone application in CLI mode.

Important: RSS-Bridge is not a feed reader or feed aggregator, but a tool to generate feeds that are consumed by feed readers and feed aggregators. Find a list of feed aggregators on Wikipedia.

And many more, thanks to the community!

RSS-Bridge is capable of producing several output formats:

You can extend RSS-Bridge with your own format, using the Format API!


23 May 2020Last Commit2270 (450/yr)Github Stars157Issues

The Open Event Server enables organizers to manage events from concerts to conferences and meet-ups.

It offers features for events with several tracks and venues. Event managers can create invitation forms for speakers and build schedules in a drag and drop interface. The event information is stored in a database. The system provides API endpoints to fetch the data, and to modify and update it. Organizers can import and export event data in a standard compressed file format that includes the event data in JSON and binary media files like images and audio.


23 May 2020Last Commit2265 (298/yr)Github Stars291Issues

FreshRSS is a self-hosted RSS feed aggregator like Leed or Kriss Feed.

It is lightweight, easy to work with, powerful, and customizable.

It is a multi-user application with an anonymous reading mode. It supports custom tags. There is an API for (mobile) clients, and a Command-Line Interface.

Thanks to the WebSub standard (formerly PubSubHubbub), FreshRSS is able to receive instant push notifications from compatible sources, such as Mastodon, Friendica, WordPress, Blogger, FeedBurner, etc.

Finally, it supports extensions for further tuning.


16 Apr 2020Last Commit2236 (694/yr)Github Stars63Issues

Autonomous (self-hosted) BitTorrent DHT search engine suite.


magnetico is the first autonomous (self-hosted) BitTorrent DHT search engine suite that is designed for end-users. The suite consists of two packages:

Both programs, combined together, allows anyone with a decent Internet connection to access the vast amount of torrents waiting to be discovered within the BitTorrent DHT space, without relying on any central entity.

magnetico liberates BitTorrent from the yoke of centralised trackers & web-sites and makes it truly decentralised. Finally!


23 May 2020Last Commit2224 (692/yr)Github Stars173Issues

Web of Things gateway.

(If you're just installing on your PC, you can skip this step).

If you're installing on a Raspberry Pi then you may need to set up the OS on the Raspberry Pi first. See here for instructions.

Under Ubuntu/Debian Linux:

Under Fedora Linux:

Under Ubuntu/Debian Linux:

Under Fedora Linux:

Under macOS:

Under Ubuntu/Debian Linux:

Under Fedora Linux:

nvm allows you to easily install different versions of node. To install nvm:

Reinitialize your terminal session.

(If you already installed node via nvm you can skip this step)


11 Apr 2020Last Commit2201 (605/yr)Github Stars11Issues

This is a Selenium Grid extension to scale your local grid dynamically with docker containers. It uses docker-selenium to run your tests in Firefox and Chrome locally, if you need a different browser, your tests can get redirected to a cloud testing provider (Sauce Labs, BrowserStack, TestingBot, CrossBrowserTesting, LambdaTest). Zalenium also works out of the box in Kubernetes.

Zalenium's maintainers add new features regularly. We invite you to test it, report bugs, suggest any ideas you may have, and contribute. See our contributing guidelines for more details.


23 May 2020Last Commit2173 (199/yr)Github Stars260Issues

Vanilla was born out of the desire to create flexible, customizable, and downright entertaining community solutions. Vanilla has been used to power tens of thousands of community forums around the world and we couldn't be happier if you've decided to use Vanilla to grow yours.

Every community is unique. Vanilla is a finely-crafted platform on which designers and developers can build a custom-tailored environment that meets your community's particular needs.

Upgrading from an earlier version of Vanilla? See our upgrade notes.


24 May 2020Last Commit2170 (1017/yr)Github Stars407Issues

A scalable platform and CMS to build Node.js applications.

schema => ({ GraphQL, AdminUI })

Keystone comes with first-class GraphQL support, a highly extensible architecture, and a wonderful Admin UI.

Keystone 5 is a complete re-imagining of KeystoneJS for the future. It builds on the lessons we learned over the last 5 years of the KeystoneJS' history and focuses on the things we believe are the most powerful features for modern web and mobile applications.

This means less focus on hand-holding Node.js template-driven websites and more focus on flexible architecture, a powerful GraphQL API with deep authentication & access control features, an extensible Admin UI and plugins for rich field types, file and database adapters, and session management.


22 Feb 2020Last Commit2164 (412/yr)Github Stars55Issues

Stack Up is a simple deployment tool that performs given set of commands on multiple hosts in parallel. It reads Supfile, a YAML configuration file, which defines networks (groups of hosts), commands and targets.

Note: Demo is based on this example Supfile.

A group of hosts.

$ sup production COMMAND will run COMMAND on api1, api2 and api3 hosts in parallel.

A shell command(s) to be run remotely.

$ sup staging restart will restart all staging Docker containers in parallel.

$ sup production tail-logs will tail Docker logs from all production containers in parallel.


23 May 2020Last Commit2130 (262/yr)Github Stars521Issues

Zammad is a web based open source helpdesk/customer support system with many features to manage customer communication via several channels like telephone, facebook, twitter, chat and e-mails. It is distributed under version 3 of the GNU AFFERO General Public License (GNU AGPLv3).

Do you receive many e-mails and want to answer them with a team of agents?

You're going to love Zammad!


23 May 2020Last Commit2116 (6341/yr)Github Stars141Issues

PostHog is open source product analytics, built for developers. Automate the collection of every event on your website or app, with no need to send data to 3rd parties. It's a 1 click to deploy on your own infrastructure, with full API/SQL access to the underlying data.

1-click Heroku deploy:

See PostHog docs for in-depth walk throughs on functionality.

Join the PostHog Users Slack if you need help, want to chat, or are thinking of a new feature idea.

Many engineers find it painful to work out how their products are being used. This makes design decisions tough. PostHog solves that.


21 May 2020Last Commit2067 (487/yr)Github Stars99Issues

Follow me developing Ombi!

Note: There is no longer an iOS app due to complications outside of our control.

We also now have merch up on Teespring!

EU Store
US Store

Here are some of the features Ombi V3 has:

We integrate with the following applications:

Supported notifications:

Over the last year, we focused on the main functions on Ombi, a complete rewrite while making it better, faster and more stable. We have already done most of the work, but some features are still be missing in this first version. We are planning to bring back these features in V3 but for now you can find a list below with a quick comparison of features between v2 and v3.


18 May 2020Last Commit1946 (325/yr)Github Stars14Issues

An enterprise oriented social network

Bootcamp is an open source enterprise social network of open purpose, on which you can build for your own ends.

The project has four basic apps:

To run the tests, check your test coverage, and generate a simplified coverage report:

To generate an HTML report:

To check the report in console:

Sentry is an error logging aggregator service. You can sign up for a free account or download and host it yourself. The system is setup with reasonable defaults, including 404 logging and integration with the WSGI application.


26 Dec 2019Last Commit1927 (762/yr)Github Stars4Issues

1Backend is a platform designed to make deploying, running and maintaining lambda functions/microservices easy.

It enables you to launch a new live app in seconds - after choosing your tech stack (e.g. Go with access to an SQL database) you get an empty app which is already live and callable from the outside (through HTTP).

You just have to plug in your own code (no, you don't have to write code in the browser). It's even pre-connected to your database and other infrastructure elements of your choosing.


23 May 2020Last Commit1910 (437/yr)Github Stars210Issues

Mailu is a simple yet full-featured mail server as a set of Docker images. It is free software (both as in free beer and as in free speech), open to suggestions and external contributions. The project aims at providing people with an easily setup, easily maintained and full-featured mail server while not shipping proprietary software nor unrelated features often found in popular groupware.

Most of the documentation is available on our Website, you can also try our demo server before setting up your own, and come talk to us on Matrix.


23 May 2020Last Commit1891 (368/yr)Github Stars165Issues

Helpy is a modern help desk platform written in Ruby on Rails and released under the MIT license. The goal of Helpy is to power your support email and ticketing, integrate seamlessly with your app, and run an amazing customer helpcenter.

Helpy is licensed under the MIT license, and is an open-core project. This means that the core functionality is 100% open source and fully hackable or even re-sellable under the MIT license. See the features comparison below to understand what is included.

Helpy is a large system and cannot exist purely as a hobby project. If you use it in a money generating capacity, it makes good sense to support the project financially or by becoming an official sponsor or supporter.


20 May 2020Last Commit1871 (236/yr)Github Stars65Issues

Development Status: 🍌 Bananas 🍌

Misago aims to be complete, featured and modern forum solution that has no fear to say 'NO' to common and outdated opinions about how forum software should be made and what it should do.

As of now Misago implements all features considered "must have" on live internet forum:

Even more features will follow in future releases:

Preferred way to run Misago development instances on your machine is with Docker, which makes it easy to spin up arbitrary number of instances running different code with separate databases and dependencies besides each other.


14 May 2020Last Commit1871 (804/yr)Github Stars66Issues

Visit the website -

As the name suggests Heimdall Application Dashboard is a dashboard for all your web applications. It doesn't need to be limited to applications though, you can add links to anything you like.

Heimdall is an elegant solution to organise all your web applications. It’s dedicated to this purpose so you won’t lose your links in a sea of bookmarks.

Why not use it as your browser start page? It even has the ability to include a search bar using either Google, Bing or DuckDuckGo.


23 May 2020Last Commit1861 (255/yr)Github Stars152Issues

The new pyLoad package pyload-ng is automatically deployed from the master branch of the pyLoad sources.

The old pyLoad package, compatible with Python 2 only, is still available on the stable branch.

To install pyLoad, type the command:

This will install the latest stable release of pyLoad in your system.

Note: No stable release is available yet! 😈

You can install all the recommended packages for pyLoad at once.

Append the tag extra to the installation command:

You can also use more tags together, like:


11 Feb 2020Last Commit1830 (642/yr)Github Stars73Issues

Live demo avilable here. User is demo, password is demo1234.

Currently the project is in very early stages, so run it only for the sake of checking it out.

Short term:

Longer term, i.e. haven't thought much about them

Ownphotos comes with separate backend and frontend servers. The backend serves the restful API, and the frontend serves, well, the frontend. They are connected via a proxy. The easiest way to do it is using Docker.

If you want the backend server to be reachable by and the frontend by from outside. You must account for the corsaCross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) in your proxy.


05 May 2020Last Commit1829 (354/yr)Github Stars131Issues

The YaCy search engine software provides results from a network of independent peers, instead of a central server. It is a distributed network where no single entity decides what to list or order it appears in.

User privacy is central to YaCy, and it runs on each user's computer, where search terms are hashed before they being sent to the network. Everyone can create their individual search indexes and rankings, and a truly customized search portal.

Each YaCy user is either part of a large search network (search indexes can be exchanged with other installation over a built-in peer-to-peer network protocol) or the user runs YaCy to produce a personal search portal that is either public or private.


23 May 2020Last Commit1819 (312/yr)Github Stars127Issues

The personal, minimalist, super-fast, database free, bookmarking service.

Do you want to share the links you discover? Shaarli is a minimalist link sharing service that you can install on your own server. It is designed to be personal (single-user), fast and handy.

• •

You can use this public demo instance of Shaarli. It runs the latest development version of Shaarli and is updated/reset daily.

Login: demo; Password: demo

Shaarli is Free Software. See COPYING for a detail of the contributors and licenses for each individual component.


28 Jan 2020Last Commit1819 (214/yr)Github Stars51Issues

Originally Created by Jeff Lindsay


Create a Heroku account if you haven't, then grab the RequestBin source using git:

$ git clone git://

From the project directory, create a Heroku application:

$ heroku create

Add Heroku's redis addon:

$ heroku addons:add heroku-redis

Set an environment variable to indicate production:

$ heroku config:set REALM=prod

Now just deploy via git:

$ git push heroku master

It will push to Heroku and give you a URL that your own private RequestBin will be running.


22 May 2020Last Commit1817 (280/yr)Github Stars235Issues

Open Source Point of Sale is a web based point of sale system. The main features are:

The software is written in PHP language, it uses MySQL (or MariaDB) as data storage back-end and has a simple but intuitive user interface.

The latest 3.x version is a complete overhaul of the original software. It is now based on Bootstrap 3 using Bootswatch themes, and still uses CodeIgniter 3 as framework. It also has improved functionality and security.

Deployed to a Cloud it's a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution.


15 May 2020Last Commit1806 (325/yr)Github Stars97Issues

CryptPad is the Zero Knowledge realtime collaborative editor.

Encryption carried out in your web browser protects the data from the server, the cloud and the NSA. It relies on the ChainPad realtime engine.

Installing CryptPad is pretty straightforward. You can read all about it in the installation guide.

It also contains information on keeping your instance of CryptPad up to date.

The most recent version and all past release notes can be found here.

See Cryptpad-Docker repository for details on how to get up-and-running with Cryptpad in Docker. This repository is maintained by the community and not officially supported.


10 May 2020Last Commit1802 (349/yr)Github Stars21Issues

Blynk is a platform with iOS and Android apps to control Arduino, ESP8266, Raspberry Pi and the likes over the Internet.
You can easily build graphic interfaces for all your projects by simply dragging and dropping widgets. If you need more information, please follow these links:

Blynk Server is an Open-Source Netty based Java server, responsible for forwarding messages between Blynk mobile application and various microcontroller boards and SBCs (i.e. Arduino, Raspberry Pi. etc).

Download latest server build here.


23 May 2020Last Commit1777 (2100/yr)Github Stars34Issues

Short answer: RudderStack is an open-source Segment alternative written in Go, built for the enterprise. .

Long answer: RudderStack is a platform for collecting, storing and routing customer event data to dozens of tools. RudderStack is open-source, can run in your cloud environment (AWS, GCP, Azure or even your data-centre) and provides a powerful transformation framework to process your event data on the fly.

RudderStack runs as a single go binary with Postgres. It also needs the destination (e.g. GA, Amplitude) specific transformation code which are node scripts. This repo contains the core backend and the transformation modules of Rudder. The client SDKs are in a separate repo (link below).


23 May 2020Last Commit1719 (546/yr)Github Stars44Issues

Dnote is a simple command line notebook for programmers.

It keeps you focused by providing a way of effortlessly capturing and retrieving information without leaving your terminal. It also offers a seamless multi-device sync and a web interface.

On macOS, you can install using Homebrew:

On Linux or macOS, you can use the installation script:

Otherwise, you can download the binary for your platform manually from the releases page.

The quickest way to experience the Dnote server is to use Dnote Cloud.

Or you can install it on your server by using Docker, or using a binary.


22 May 2020Last Commit1670 (205/yr)Github Stars27Issues

The Alerta monitoring tool was developed with the following aims in mind:

Starting with Release 6.0 only Python 3.5+ is supported. Release 5.2 was the last to support Python 2.7 and feature enhancements for this release ended on August 31, 2018. Only critical bug fixes will be backported to Release 5.2.

The only mandatory dependency is MongoDB or PostgreSQL. Everything else is optional.

To install MongoDB on Debian/Ubuntu run:

To install MongoDB on CentOS/RHEL run:

To install the Alerta server and client run:


22 Jan 2020Last Commit1668 (283/yr)Github Stars249Issues

The Simplest Way to Manage Your Entire Dev Infrastructure!

Koding is a development platform that orchestrates your dev environment. Developers get everything they need to spin up full-stack, project-specific environments in seconds. Share them, update them, and manage infrastructure from a simple interface.

You can try Koding now on

Easiest way to run Koding is to install docker-compose which can be found here. For the rest you can follow these steps:

Now you are able to access Koding via port 8090 (e.g. localhost:8090) on your host.


23 May 2020Last Commit1640 (269/yr)Github Stars17Issues

Self-hosted, Node.js based analytics tool for those who care about privacy. Ackee runs on your own server, analyses the traffic of your websites and provides useful statistics in a minimal interface.

Try the 🔮 live demo or learn more about Ackee on our 🌍 website.

Get Ackee up and running…

And configure Ackee and your server correctly…

Take a look at the FAQ if you have any questions left.

Ackee is a web app you install on your server to analyse the traffic of your sites.

Ackee is lightweight, easy to install and has a good balance between analytics and privacy. It features an API and web interface and tracks only what's necessary.


23 May 2020Last Commit1605 (9869/yr)Github Stars17Issues

Welcome to the front page of Reactive Resume, a free and open-source Resume Builder web app that focuses on one thing, Privacy. And also few other important features such as minimalistic UI/UX, customizability, portability, regularly updated templates, etc. But the important thing is that, your personal data is yours alone.


20 May 2020Last Commit1599 (426/yr)Github Stars75Issues

Selenoid is a powerful implementation of Selenium hub using Docker containers to launch browsers.

Start browser automation in minutes by copy-pasting just one command:

That's it! You can now use Selenoid instead of Selenium server. Specify the following Selenium URL in tests:

No need to manually install browsers or dive into WebDriver documentation. Available images:

New images are added right after official releases. You can create your custom images with browsers.

New rich user interface showing browser screen and Selenium session logs:


22 May 2020Last Commit1578 (268/yr)Github Stars258Issues

ONLYOFFICE Document Server is a free collaborative online office suite comprising viewers and editors for texts, spreadsheets and presentations, fully compatible with Office Open XML formats: .docx, .xlsx, .pptx and enabling collaborative editing in real time.

ONLYOFFICE Document Server contains the following components:

ONLYOFFICE Document Server includes the following editors:

The editors allow you to create, edit, save and export text, spreadsheet and presentation documents and additionally have the features:


03 May 2020Last Commit1548 (204/yr)Github Stars0Issues

apaxy is a customisable theme built to enhance the experience of browsing web directories. It uses the mod_autoindex Apache module - and some css - to override the default style of a directory listing.

Apaxy may be basic, but it gives you a great deal of creative freedom when styling your directory.

Sadly, visual style is all you can work with. It's not possible to alter the generated table structure of the listing directory with Apaxy.

apaxy requires an apache (2.2.11+) enabled http server.

If you would like, you can automate the installation of Apaxy with the included script.


22 May 2020Last Commit1535 (213/yr)Github Stars23Issues

The open-source core of Pinry, a tiling image board system for people who want to save, tag, and share images, videos and webpages in an easy to skim through format.

For more information ( screenshots and document ) visit

See our full documentation at

See our full documentation at

See our full documentation at

The core contributors for Pinry have been/currently are:


24 May 2020Last Commit1532 (631/yr)Github Stars53Issues

Remark42 is a self-hosted, lightweight, and simple (yet functional) comment engine, which doesn't spy on users. It can be embedded into blogs, articles or any other place where readers add comments.

Demo site available with all authentication methods, including email auth and anonymous access.

Comments example:

For admin screenshots see Admin UI wiki

this is the recommended way to run remark42

Following list of command-line options is deprecated and will be removed in 2 minor releases or 1 major release (whichever is closer) from the version in which they were deprecated. After remark42 version update, please check startup log once for deprecation warnings to avoid trouble with unrecognized command-line options in the future.


23 May 2020Last Commit1520 (306/yr)Github Stars151Issues

Trello like kanban board. Tasks, to-dos, chat, etc., Restyaboard is based on Restya platform with dual License (OSL 3.0 & Commercial License).

Whether you’re creating a personal todo list, planning your holidays with some friends, or working in a team on your next revolutionary concept, Restyaboard is an simple and effective tool to keep your tasks organized. The boards of restyaboard will give you a visual overview of the current state of your projects, and make you productive by allowing you to focus on the few items that matter the most.


23 May 2020Last Commit1518 (340/yr)Github Stars28Issues

mStream is a personal music streaming server. You can use mStream to stream your music from your home computer to any device, anywhere.

This is the easiest way to install mStream: have produced a multiarch Alpine container for mStream for x86-64, arm64 & armhf which is rebuilt automatically with any base image package updates or new releases of mStream and features persistent database and album images, and the possibility of advanced usage by editing config.json directly.

Simply pulling linuxserver/mstream should retrieve the correct image for your arch, but you can also pull specific arch images or mStream releases via tags.


15 May 2020Last Commit1511 (481/yr)Github Stars43Issues


WriteFreely is free and open source software for building a writing space on the web — whether a publication, internal blog, or writing community in the fediverse.

Try the writing experience

Find an instance

Built on a plain, auto-saving editor, WriteFreely gives you a distraction-free writing environment. Once published, your words are front and center, and easy to read.

Start writing together, publicly or privately. Connect with other communities, whether running WriteFreely, Plume, or other ActivityPub-powered software. And bring members on board from your existing platforms, thanks to our OAuth 2.0 support.


08 May 2020Last Commit1504 (400/yr)Github Stars4Issues

Chevereto is an image hosting software that allows you to create a beautiful and full-featured image hosting website on your own server. It's your hosting and your rules, so say goodbye to closures and restrictions. This repo here is Chevereto Free, which is a fork of Chevereto V3 in which only the most essential features are preserved and it is released as Open Source software.

Chevereto is being modernized by introducing new coding standards and turning towards a common Open Source base. Read all updates and check my Chevere + Chevereto V4 Trello board.


20 May 2020Last Commit1501 (492/yr)Github Stars155Issues

Lidarr is a music collection manager for Usenet and BitTorrent users. It can monitor multiple RSS feeds for new tracks from your favorite artists and will grab, sort and rename them. It can also be configured to automatically upgrade the quality of files already downloaded when a better quality format becomes available.

This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute. [Contribute].

Thank you to all our backers! 🙏 [Become a backer]

Support this project by becoming a sponsor. Your logo will show up here with a link to your website. [Become a sponsor]


28 Apr 2020Last Commit1459 (418/yr)Github Stars3Issues

Ambar is an open-source document search engine with automated crawling, OCR, tagging and instant full-text search.

Ambar defines a new way to implement full-text document search into your workflow.

Tutorial: Mastering Ambar Search Queries

Ambar 2.0 only supports local fs crawling, if you need to crawl an SMB share of an FTP location - just mount it using standard linux tools. Crawling is automatic, no schedule is needed due to crawlers monitor file system events and automatically process new, changed and removed files.


22 May 2020Last Commit1440 (203/yr)Github Stars317Issues

Oxidized is a network device configuration backup tool. It's a RANCID replacement!

Light and extensible, Oxidized supports over 130 operating system types.

Feature highlights:

Check out the Oxidized TREX 2014 presentation video on YouTube!

⚠️ Maintainer Wanted! ⚠️

Is your company using Oxidized and has Ruby developers on staff? I'd love help from an extra maintainer!

Debian "buster" or newer and Ubuntu 17.10 (artful) or newer are recommended. On Ubuntu, begin by enabling the universe repository (required for libssh2-1-dev):


22 May 2020Last Commit1437 (555/yr)Github Stars52Issues

Poor man's function as a service.

fx is a tool to help you do Function as a Service on your own server, fx can make your stateless function a service in seconds, both Docker host and Kubernetes cluster supported. The most exciting thing is that you can write your functions with most programming languages.

Feel free hacking fx to support the languages not listed. Welcome to tweet me @_metrue on Twitter, @metrue on Weibo.

Binaries are available for Windows, MacOS and Linux/Unix on x86. For other architectures and platforms, follow instructions to build fx from source.


29 Apr 2020Last Commit1411 (214/yr)Github Stars22Issues

OpenNote is a progressive web application(PWA)/HTML5 offline app that was built to be a open source(MIT License), web based text editor/note taking software. It is designed to be self hosted and gives you ownership of your data

Please support this project by:

Thank you!

Download using Docker

or download manually from here.


08 May 2020Last Commit1397 (292/yr)Github Stars84Issues

YouTransfer is looking for contributors who are willing to update out-dated packages, merge pull requests, resolve issues and continue to improve the overal product. If you are interested, please contact me (info at youtransfer dot io).

YouTransfer is a simple but elegant self-hosted file transfer & sharing solution. It is an alternative to paid services like Dropbox and WeTransfer by offering similar features but without limitations, price plans and a lengthy privacy policy. You remain in control of your files.


24 May 2020Last Commit1362 (274/yr)Github Stars124Issues

The ProjectGetting StartedContributingSupport FinanciallyLinksCopyright & License

Gladys is a home assistant who helps you in your everyday life.

Like a kind of JARVIS!

Gladys is connected to all your devices in your home. She is connected to your calendars and tons of API to help you.

But let's pick an example:

This is just a simple scenario, possibilities with Gladys are just endless. Don't hesitate to suggest yours 😉

Right now we are migrating from Gladys 3 to Gladys 4, a new release rewrote from scratch. If you want to install Gladys 3, visit our website.


19 Aug 2019Last Commit1352 (211/yr)Github Stars159Issues

Bitcoin Copyright (c) 2009 - 2013 Bitcoin Core developers
libtorrent Copyright (c) 2003 - 2007, Arvid Norberg
twister Copyright (c) 2013 - 2018 Miguel Freitas

twister is an experimental peer-to-peer microblogging software.

User registration and authentication is provided by a bitcoin-like network, so it is completely decentralized (does not depend on any central authority).

Post distribution uses kademlia DHT network and bittorrent-like swarms, both are provided by libtorrent.


21 May 2020Last Commit1307 (204/yr)Github Stars22Issues

The open source to-do application for bookmarks.

We offer this source code for Unmark completely free. We do so in hopes that Unmark will live on for many years even if we stop maintaining it. You can also use it for free (with a paid upgrade) at

To support its further development please consider subscribing to, donating via Paypal. Or, you can contribute to the code.

Running Unmark is only recommended for intermediate users. This doesn't mean if you're a beginner we don't want you to try. Hack away! Just that you should expect some speedbumps (though, we're eliminating them all the time). If you need assistance beyond what is provided please create an issue on Github. Before creating a new issue we recommend search through the issues on GitHub to see how others have solved their problems.


19 Apr 2020Last Commit1290 (164/yr)Github Stars43Issues

The below table explains which Django versions are supported.

For upgrade instructions, please refer to the Release Notes

Django-wiki has almost fully translated into 12 languages, apart from the default (English). But please help out in adding more languages! It's very easy, you don't even need to be a programmer.

Some languages...

Visit the django-wiki project on Transifex

A demo running the latest master is available here, sign up for an account to see the notification system, or you can log in with user:test and password:test.


22 May 2020Last Commit1279 (147/yr)Github Stars67Issues

MongooseIM is a robust and efficient chat (or instant messaging) platform aimed at large installations.

Designed for enterprise, it is fault-tolerant, can utilise the resources of multiple clustered machines, and easily scales for more capacity by simply adding a box or VM.

MongooseIM can accept client sessions over vanilla XMPP, REST API and SSE, as well as Websockets, and BOSH (HTTP long-polling).

As a platform, MongooseIM includes several server-side (backend) and client-side (frontend) components.


10 Feb 2020Last Commit1257 (150/yr)Github Stars521Issues

Teampass is a Collaborative Passwords Manager

Copyright © 2009-2019, Nils Laumaillé

The Docker image provided will create a Teampass installation in its /var/www/html/ directory, which you should mount as a volume to keep persistent. You should also mount /var/php/session, otherwise the installation will freeze during Server checks phase. SSL is not provided if you use this image without a proxy in front of it. See the included Docker Compose file for an example setup.

Sample docker run command:

Note: Use /var/www/html/sk as your "Absolute path to saltkey" during installation.


23 May 2020Last Commit1253 (600/yr)Github Stars121Issues

WebsiteDocumentationContributeInstances list

Plume is a federated blogging engine, based on ActivityPub. It is written in Rust, with the Rocket framework, and Diesel to interact with the database. The front-end uses Ructe templates, WASM and SCSS.

A lot of features are still missing, but what is already here should be quite stable. Current and planned features include:

If you want to have regular news about the project, the best place is probably our blog, or our Matrix room:


13 Mar 2020Last Commit1249 (313/yr)Github Stars15Issues

Webserver for downloading youtube videos. Ready for docker.

If you have questions, read the blog post.

Build the docker image, create a directory to hold and access the downloaded videos on the host, and then start a container instance of the image.

In the example above, we are creating a directory under /tmp to hold the videos and then specifying a host mount to the container that corresponds to that new directory. You may update this to any path on your host or use a different existing path if you would prefer. The host mount also improves performance as the downloaded files are written to the native host filesystem bypassing the CoW filesystem of the container.


30 Apr 2020Last Commit1238 (160/yr)Github Stars56Issues

droppy is a self-hosted file storage server with a web interface and capabilities to edit files and view media directly in the browser. It is particularly well-suited to be run on low-end hardware like the Raspberry Pi.

Two directories will be used, one for configuration and one for the actual files:

droppy maintains an in-memory representation of the files directory. If you're on slow storage and/or serving 100k or more files, the initial indexing on startup will likely take some time.


09 May 2020Last Commit1212 (172/yr)Github Stars36Issues

Thredded is a Rails 4.2+ forum/messageboard engine. Its goal is to be as simple and feature rich as possible.

Some of the features currently in Thredded:

Thredded works with SQLite, MySQL (v5.6.4+), and PostgreSQL. Thredded has no infrastructure dependencies other than the database and, if configured in the parent application, the ActiveJob backend dependency such as Redis. Currently only MRI Ruby 2.2+ is supported. We would love to support JRuby and Rubinius as well.

If you're looking for variations on a theme - see Discourse. However, It is a full rails application and not an engine like Thredded.


23 May 2020Last Commit1211 (991/yr)Github Stars33Issues

Traduora is a translation management platform for teams. Once you setup your project you can import and export your translations to various formats, work together with your team, instantly deliver translation updates over the air, and soon automatically translate your project via third-party integrations.

We want traduora to become the home for managing your translation workflow, that's why we have made all of the core product open-source with the intention to grow a community and enable developers to build on top of it as a platform.


25 Feb 2020Last Commit1181 (1193/yr)Github Stars15Issues

All-in-one web-based development environment for machine learning

Getting StartedFeatures & ScreenshotsSupportReport a BugFAQKnown IssuesContribution

The ML workspace is an all-in-one web-based IDE specialized for machine learning and data science. It is simple to deploy and gets you started within minutes to productively built ML solutions on your own machines. This workspace is the ultimate tool for developers preloaded with a variety of popular data science libraries (e.g., Tensorflow, PyTorch, Keras, Sklearn) and dev tools (e.g., Jupyter, VS Code, Tensorboard) perfectly configured, optimized, and integrated.


23 May 2020Last Commit1146 (178/yr)Github Stars78Issues

Project Website:

Kamailio is an open source implementation of a SIP Signaling Server. SIP is an open standard protocol specified by the IETF. The core specification document is RFC3261.

The Kamailio SIP server is designed for scalability, targeting large deployments (e.g. for IP telephony operators or carriers, which have a large subscriber base or route a big volume of calls), but can be also used in enterprises or for personal needs to provide VoIP, Instant Messaging and Presence. Kamailio is well known for its flexibility, robustness, strong security and the extensive number of features - for more information, please see:


29 Oct 2019Last Commit1133 (154/yr)Github Stars143Issues

Thank you for downloading wger Workout Manager. wger (ˈvɛɡɐ) is a free, open source web application that manages your exercises and personal workouts, weight and diet plans. It can also be used as a simple gym management utility, providing different administrative roles (trainer, manager, etc.). It offers a REST API as well, for easy integration with other projects and tools.

It is written with python/django and uses jQuery and some D3js for charts.

For more details and a live system, refer to the project's site:


23 May 2020Last Commit1103 (259/yr)Github Stars337Issues

To run Medusa from source you will need one of these Python versions:

Start here to read the installation guides for different setups.

There's a direct build available on Dockerhub which is updated directly from this repo on every commit to master.

For alternate architectures, the team have kindly produced docker images for X86, armhf and aarch64 platforms. This is built from an older intermediary Dockerfile.

Before using this with your existing database (sickbeard.db) please make a backup copy of it and delete any other database files such as cache.db and failed.db if present
We HIGHLY recommend starting out with no database files at all to make this a fresh start but the choice is at your own risk.


19 May 2020Last Commit1098 (246/yr)Github Stars60Issues

Datarhei/Restreamer offers smart free video streaming. Stream H.264 video of IP cameras live to your website. Upload your live video on YouTube-Live, IBM Watson, Twitch, Vimeo or any other streaming solutions e.g. Wowza-Streaming-Engine. Our Docker-Image is easy to install and runs on Linux, MacOS and Windows. Datarhei/Restreamer can be perfectly combined with single-board computers like Raspberry Pi and Odroid. It is free (licensed under Apache 2.0) and you can use it for any purpose, private or commercial.


23 May 2020Last Commit1092 (333/yr)Github Stars15Issues

Self hosted project management and collaboration tool inspired by basecamp.

Overview | Demo | Installation | Screenshots | Contributing | Supporting | Credits | License

Goodwork is a simple project management and collaboration tool for software teams. It is open source and MIT licensed. Goodwork is a self-hosted software (no dependency on anyone else and only you keep your data).

Goodwork brings you all the components required for your project to run smoothly in one place so that you have single source of truth. Instead of using a collection of tools or service which makes everything messy with important details being hard to find because stuff is scattered all over the place, Goodwork organizes everything in a central place where everyone in the company knows what to do, knows where things stand and where to find stuff without having to ask around.


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Streaming torrent client for node.js with web ui.

Based on torrent-stream, inspired by peerflix.

You can configure the application using ~/.config/peerflix-server/config.json file (doesn't exist by default). The options are passed to all torrent-stream instances. Here's an example that overrides the defaults:

You can also change the default port by setting PORT environment variable:

The application stores its current state (list of torrents) in ~/.config/peerflix-server/torrents.json

If you want to run peerflix-server as a daemon, you can do it using forever:


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Instant APIs without code

DocsTry OnlineContributeCommunity SupportGet Started Guide

DreamFactory™ is an iPaaS for mobile, web, and IoT applications. It is built on top of the Laravel framework, and includes an AngularJS-driven web administration client. So what can you do with the DreamFactory Platform?

Find a full list of installation options here.

Heroku users can easily install DreamFactory by clicking on the below button. Keep in mind like many Heroku add-ons DreamFactory comes with some limitations such as the inability to deploy a local file system-based REST API due to Heroku's file system write limitations. Additionally, DreamFactory lacks support for multiple dynos. Regardless of these limitations, it's a breeze to get started using DreamFactory on Heroku so give it a whirl!


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This is an all-in-one package for running a self-hosted Firefox Sync server. It bundles the "tokenserver" project for authentication and the "syncstorage" project for storage, to produce a single stand-alone webapp.

Complete installation instructions are available at:

The Sync Server software runs using python 2.7, and the build process requires make and virtualenv. You will need to have the following packages (or similar, depending on your operating system) installed:

Take a checkout of this repository, then run "make build" to pull in the necessary python package dependencies:


14 Oct 2019Last Commit1019 (128/yr)Github Stars59Issues

COPS stands for Calibre OPDS (and HTML) Php Server.

See : COPS's home for more details.

Don't forget to check the Wiki.

In my opinion Calibre is a marvelous tool but is too big and has too much dependencies to be used for its content server.

That's the main reason why I coded this OPDS server. I needed a simple tool to be installed on a small server (Seagate Dockstar in my case).

I initially thought of Calibre2OPDS but as it generate static file no search was possible.

Later I added an simple HTML catalog that should be usable on my Kobo.


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Movim is a decentralized social platform, written in PHP and HTML5 and based on the XMPP standard protocol.

Please refer to the installation instructions that are available on the GitHub Wiki:

Movim is also available as a Docker image or as a Debian package.

You can help Movim by:

You can also support us on:

You can also use Movim on our official Pods:

Help us translate Movim on

Movim is released under the terms of the AGPLv3 license. See COPYING for more details.


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PLEASE USE! This version is outdated/frozen until "mailcow: dockerized" code is merged to this repository. (No estimation of when this will occurs).

Official website:

mailcow is a mail server suite based on Dovecot, Postfix and other open source software, that provides a modern web UI for user/server administration.

mailcow supports Debian 8 (Jessie), Ubuntu LTS 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) and Ubuntu LTS 16.04 (Xenial Xerus)

Everybody loves screenshots (v0.14)


23 May 2020Last Commit1001 (787/yr)Github Stars3Issues

An open source serveo/ngrok alternative.

Builds are made automatically on Google Cloud Build and Dockerhub. Feel free to either use the automated binaries or to build your own. If you submit a PR and would like access to Google Cloud Build's output (including pre-made PR binaries), feel free to let me know.

Pull the Docker image

Run the image

SSH to your host to communicate with sish

You can also use Docker Compose to setup your sish instance. This includes taking care of SSL via Let's Encrypt for you. This uses the adferrand/docker-letsencrypt-dns container to handle issuing wildcard certifications over DNS. For more information on how to use this, head to that link above. Generally, you can deploy your service like so:


22 May 2020Last Commit997 (251/yr)Github Stars42Issues

CloudServer (formerly S3 Server) is an open-source Amazon S3-compatible object storage server that is part of Zenko, Scality’s Open Source Multi-Cloud Data Controller.

CloudServer provides a single AWS S3 API interface to access multiple backend data storage both on-premise or public in the cloud.

CloudServer is useful for Developers, either to run as part of a continous integration test environment to emulate the AWS S3 service locally or as an abstraction layer to develop object storage enabled application on the go.


20 May 2020Last Commit993 (234/yr)Github Stars112Issues

Vector and raster maps with GL styles. Server side rendering by Mapbox GL Native. Map tile server for Mapbox GL JS, Android, iOS, Leaflet, OpenLayers, GIS via WMTS, etc.

Make sure you have Node.js version 10 installed (running node -v it should output something like v10.17.0).

Install tileserver-gl with server-side raster rendering of vector tiles with npm

Now download vector tiles from OpenMapTiles.

Start tileserver-gl with the downloaded vector tiles.

Alternatively, you can use the tileserver-gl-light package instead, which is pure javascript (does not have any native dependencies) and can run anywhere, but does not contain rasterization on the server side made with MapBox GL Native.


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Forum software, brings together the main features from StackOverflow, Discourse, Slack, HackerNews/Reddit, Disqus.

For your co-workers / customers / students / volunteers / contributors / users.

But how does it compare with StackOverflow for Teams, Discourse, Slack, Facebook Groups, Disqus?
Find out here.

This Git repository is for development.
Installation instructions are elsewhere:
There's a hosting service:

Support forum here (& live "demo"), at — and report bugs there too.


20 Oct 2018Last Commit948 (151/yr)Github Stars88Issues

Spreed WebRTC implements a WebRTC audio/video call and conferencing server and web client.

The latest source of Spreed WebRTC can be found on GitHub. If you are a user, just wanting a secure and private alternative for online communication make sure to check out the Spreedbox, providing a ready to use hardware with Spreed WebRTC included.

Spreed WebRTC compiles directly to native code and has no external runtime dependencies. See here for details.

If you got spreed-webrtc from the git repository, you will first need to run the included script to generate the configure script.


21 May 2020Last Commit946 (474/yr)Github Stars16Issues

The main goal of DockSTARTer is to make it quick and easy to get up and running with Docker.

You may choose to rely on DockSTARTer for various changes to your Docker system, or use DockSTARTer as a stepping stone and learn to do more advanced configurations.

Raspbian requires a few extra commands

The standard install above downloads the initial script using a method with some known risks. For those concerned with the security of the above method here is an alternative:

To run DockSTARTer use the command above. You should now see the main menu from the screenshots. Select Configuration and then Full Setup and you will be guided through selecting apps and starting containers.


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Configure Searches to periodically run against a variety of data sources. You can define a custom pipeline of Filters to manipulate any generated Alerts and forward them to multiple Targets.

Review and manage Alerts through the web interface. You can apply Renderers to alerts to enrich them with additional metadata.

And much more!

See the Table of Contents for a list of documentation pages.

If you've any questions, feel free to ask on Gitter. You can also contact us on Twitter at @sixhundredns and @kennysan.


23 May 2020Last Commit921 (227/yr)Github Stars210Issues

AzuraCast is a self-hosted, all-in-one web radio management suite. Using its easy installer and powerful but intuitive web interface, you can start up a fully working web radio station in a few quick minutes.

AzuraCast works for web radio stations of all types and sizes, and is built to run on even the most affordable VPS web hosts. AzuraCast's mascot is Azura Ruisselante, created by Tyson Tan.

AzuraCast is currently in beta. Many web radio stations already run AzuraCast, but keeping your server up-to-date with the latest code from the GitHub repository is strongly recommended for security, bug fixes and new feature releases. It's unlikely, but updates may result in unexpected issues or data loss, so always make sure to keep your station's media files backed up in a second location.


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A buddy for babies! Helps caregivers track sleep, feedings, diaper changes, tummy time and more to learn about and predict baby's needs without (as much) guess work.

Table of Contents

A demo of Baby Buddy is available on Heroku. The demo instance resets every hour. Login credentials are:

The default user name and password for Baby Buddy is admin/admin. For any deployment, log in and change the default admin password immediately.

Many of Baby Buddy's configuration settings can be controlled using environment variables - see Configuration for detailed information.


20 May 2020Last Commit843 (175/yr)Github Stars70Issues

Fusio is an open source API management platform which helps to build and manage RESTful APIs. We think that there is a huge potential in the API economy. Whether you need an API to expose your business functionality, build micro services, develop SPAs or Mobile-Apps. Because of this we think that Fusio is a great tool to simplify building such APIs. More information on

The originally idea of Fusio was to provide a tool which lets you easily build a great API beside an existing application. I.e. in case you have already a web application on a domain Fusio helps you to build the fitting API at Beside this use case you can also use Fusio to build a new API from scratch or use it internally i.e. for micro services.


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GitPrep is portable Github system. You can install portable GitHub system into your own Unix/Linux server.

At first, Let's try GitPrep example. You will find GitPrep is real portable GitHub system.

You can use all of repository, pull request, issue, wiki.

Installation is very easy. You run only two commands. Difficult settings is unnecessary.

Even if you have troubles by your mistake, for example "git push -f origin master", you can access all of your git repositories directory and fix them.

All reporitories are yours. All repositories exists on your own server.


24 Nov 2019Last Commit822 (101/yr)Github Stars7Issues

Stikked is an Open-Source PHP Pastebin, with the aim of keeping a simple and easy to use user interface.

Stikked allows you to easily share code with anyone you wish. Based on the original Stikked with lots of bugfixes and improvements.

Here are some features:

See an encrypted paste:

This automatically builds the docker-image and fires up nginx, php and mariadb. Access your Stikked instance at http://localhost/.


21 May 2020Last Commit818 (299/yr)Github Stars102Issues

After getting burned by broken FreeNAS updates one too many times, I figured I could do a much better job myself using just a stock Ubuntu install, some clever Ansible config and a bunch of Docker containers.

Ansible-NAS can run anything that's in a Docker image, which is why Portainer is included. A NAS configuration is a pretty personal thing based on what you download, what media you view, how many photos you it's difficult to please everyone.

That said, if specific functionality you want isn't included and you think others could benefit, add it and raise a PR!


10 Mar 2020Last Commit806 (195/yr)Github Stars15Issues

Hawkpost lets you create unique links that you can share with the person that desires to send you important information but doesn't know how to deal with PGP.

You can deploy your own server using the code from this repository or use the official server (that is running an exact copy of this repo) at

For many web and mobile development studios, no matter how hard they try to secure their client secrets (passwords, API keys, etc), the weakest link resides on the client most of the times, specially when he's not a tech savvy person. This project tries to help minimize this issue on the communication between both parties.


14 May 2020Last Commit793 (170/yr)Github Stars25Issues

Self-hosted file/media sharing website.

You can see what it looks like using the demo:

Example running

Example with docker-compose

Ideally, you would use a reverse proxy such as nginx or caddy to handle TLS certificates.

All configuration options are accepted either as arguments or can be placed in a file as such (see example file linx-server.conf.example in repo):

...and then run linx-server -config path/to/linx-server.conf

When files expire, access is disabled immediately, but the files and metadata will persist on disk until someone attempts to access them. You can set the following option to run cleanup every few minutes. This can also be done using a separate utility found the linx-cleanup directory.


22 May 2020Last Commit776 (95/yr)Github Stars158Issues

InspIRCd is a modular C++ Internet Relay Chat (IRC) server for UNIX-like and Windows systems.

InspIRCd is supported on the following platforms:

Most recent BSD variants using the Clang or GCC compilers and the GNU toolchains (Make, etc).

Most recent Linux distributions using the Clang or GCC compilers and the GNU toolchain.

The most recent three major releases of macOS using the AppleClang, Clang, or GCC (not LLVM-GCC) compilers and the GNU toolchains.

Windows 7 or newer using the MSVC 14 (Visual Studio 2015) compiler and CMake 2.8 or newer.


23 May 2020Last Commit771 (665/yr)Github Stars5Issues

Your central point for managing personal data
(if current modules allow to do that).

It's easier to understand this web application when you think about a CMS (WordPress) or CRM (SugarCRM); the logic behind this system is very similar to those two. My PMS may offer fewer possibilities than those systems above, but it just does what I want it to do. Additionally, writing extensions is not too hard, depending on the logic required. Anyone with development knowledge can pretty much write their own extensions for personal needs.


15 May 2020Last Commit766 (121/yr)Github Stars10Issues

Rakam is an analytics platform that allows you to create your analytics services.

Rakam is a modular analytics platform that gives you a set of features to create your own analytics service.

Typical workflow of using Rakam:

We also provide user interface for Rakam as a separate product called Rakam UI. You can create custom reports with SQL, dashboards, funnel and retention reports via Rakam UI.

All these features come with a single box, you just need to specify which modules you want to use using a configuration file ( and Rakam will do the rest for you. We also provide cloud deployment tools for scaling your Rakam cluster easily.


20 May 2020Last Commit753 (392/yr)Github Stars84Issues

FreeScout is the super lightweight free open source help desk and shared inbox written in PHP7 (Laravel 5.5 framework) – self hosted clone of HelpScout. Now you can enjoy free Zendesk & Help Scout without giving up privacy or locking yourself into a service you don't control. FreeScout has been developed from scratch and is not using any copyrighted Help Scout or Zendesk materials.

Need anything else? Suggest features here.

Live Demo

Available modules

FreeScout is a pure PHP/MySQL application, so it can be easily deployed even on a shared hosting.


20 May 2020Last Commit732 (102/yr)Github Stars178Issues

Thelia is an open source tool for creating e-business websites and managing online content. This software is published under LGPL.

This is the new major version of Thelia.

A repository containing all thelia modules is available at this address :

As of MySQL 5.6, default configuration sets the sql_mode value to

This 'STRICT_TRANS_TABLES' configuration results in SQL errors when no default value is defined on NOT NULL columns and the value is empty or invalid.

You can edit this default config in /etc/my.cnf and change the sql_mode to remove the STRICT_TRANS_TABLES part


23 May 2020Last Commit674 (129/yr)Github Stars161Issues

Simple, Fast and Flexible CMS.

Bludit is a web application to build your own website or blog in seconds, it's completely free and open source. Bludit uses files in JSON format to store the content, you don't need to install or configure a database. You only need a web server with PHP support.

Bludit is a Flat-File CMS.

Bludit supports Markdown and HTML code for the content.

You just need a web server with PHP support.

Official Docker image on Docker Hub.

Also we provide Kubernetes deployments yaml files.


13 Apr 2020Last Commit661 (95/yr)Github Stars152Issues

Join us in the Gitter chat room:

PHP web based Password Manager for business and personal use.

Installation instructions and documentation at Doc

This software is published under GNU GPLv3 license. For details about that, there is a copy on 'COPYING' file.

Though it would be preferable to ask or report issues through GitHub's website, you can reach me out by email (eg. CVEs, contribution, etc.): nuxsmin[a_t]syspass[d_o_t]org


14 May 2020Last Commit645 (150/yr)Github Stars30Issues

A feature-rich wiki for minimalists

cowyo is a self-contained wiki server that makes jotting notes easy and fast. The most important feature here is simplicity. Other features include versioning, page locking, self-destructing messages, encryption, and listifying. You can download cowyo as a single executable or install it with Go. Try it out at

There is now a command-line tool, cowyodel to interact with cowyo and transfer information between computers with only a code phrase: schollz/cowyodel.


06 May 2020Last Commit643 (192/yr)Github Stars12Issues

Routr is a lightweight sip proxy, location server, and registrar that provides a reliable and scalable SIP infrastructure for telephony carriers, communication service providers, and integrators.

Routr is developed in the open. Here are some of the channels we use to communicate and contribute:

IRC: #routr on (for the easiest start, join via Riot)

(The IRC channel connects our Gitter and Slack communities)

User mailing lists:

Twitter: @Fonoster

Issue tracker: Use the GitHub issue tracker for the various Routr repositories to file bugs and features request. If you need support, please send your questions to the routr-users mailing list rather than filing a GitHub issue.


24 May 2020Last Commit643 (99/yr)Github Stars20Issues

Convos is a multiuser chat application that runs in your web browser.

The supported chat protocol is currently IRC, but Convos can be extended to support other protocols as well.

See for more details.

The backend is powered by Mojolicious, while the frontend is held together by the progressive JavaScript framework Svelte.

See "Getting started" for other options and more information.

That's it! After the two commands above, you can point your browser to http://localhost:3000 and start chatting.


23 May 2020Last Commit631 (551/yr)Github Stars84Issues

A powerful, self-hosted data logger for your Tesla.

The documentation is available at





22 May 2020Last Commit609 (66/yr)Github Stars117Issues

frab is a web-based conference planning and management system. It helps to collect submissions, to manage talks and speakers and to create a schedule.

frab is not under heavy development anymore. Releases merely mark huge updates and add a changelog. There are no separate release branches, fixes and development happen in master. We want the master branch to be usable at all times.

frab has been used to organize FrOSCon since 2011, a conference with more than 100 talks (and as many speakers) in more than 5 parallel tracks (plus devrooms) over 2 days. frab is also used by the Chaos Communication Congress.


22 May 2020Last Commit603 (277/yr)Github Stars15Issues

The first developer-oriented translation tool
True asynchronous flow between translators and your team.


Accent provides a powerful abstraction around the process maintaining translations in a web/native app.

Easiest way to run an instance of Accent is by using the offical docker image:

This will start the webserver on port 4000, migrate the database to have an up and running Accent instance!

The app is modeled with the Twelve-Factor App architecture, all configurations are stored in the environment.


24 May 2020Last Commit590 (102/yr)Github Stars94Issues

Gerbera is a UPnP media server which allows you to stream your digital media through your home network and consume it on a variety of UPnP compatible devices.

Pull requests are very welcome and reporting issues is encouraged.

Gerbera was originally based on MediaTomb

View our documentation online at

Head over to the docs page on Installing Gerbera.

Gerbera uses CMake.

Alternatively, the options can be set using a GUI (make sure to press "c" to configure after toggling settings in the GUI):


21 Apr 2020Last Commit585 (247/yr)Github Stars16Issues

Microservices Status Page. Monitors a distributed infrastructure and sends alerts (Slack, SMS, etc.).

Vigil is an open-source Status Page you can host on your infrastructure, used to monitor all your servers and apps, and visible to your users (on a domain of your choice, eg.

It is useful in microservices contexts to monitor both apps and backends. If a node goes down in your infrastructure, you receive a status change notification in a Slack channel, Email, Twilio SMS or/and XMPP.


15 May 2020Last Commit575 (170/yr)Github Stars44Issues

PHP Censor is an open source, self-hosted, continuous integration server for PHP projects (PHPCI fork). Official twitter @php_censor.

Actual PHP Censor versions and release branches:

More screenshots.

Unix-like OS (Windows isn't supported);

PHP 5.6+ (with OpenSSL support and enabled functions: exec(), shell_exec() and proc_open());

Web-server (Nginx or Apache2);

Database (MySQL/MariaDB or PostgreSQL);

Beanstalkd queue;

Clone project from GitHub, Bitbucket (Git/Hg), GitLab, Git, Hg (Mercurial), SVN (Subversion) or from local directory;


23 May 2020Last Commit572 (185/yr)Github Stars24Issues

Simple open source self-hosted file sharing solution.
It's an alternative to paid services like Dropbox, WeTransfer.

See the blog posts about PsiTransfer: and checkout the Documentation


Specify the version by using image tags e.g.:

There are some configs in config.js like port and data-dir.
You can:

public/upload.html and download.html are kept simple.
You can alter these files and add your logo and styles.
The following elements are mandatory:
common.js and respectively upload.js, download.js as well as <div id="upload">, <div id="download">
Please keep a footnote like Powered by PsiTransfer :)


22 May 2020Last Commit567 (247/yr)Github Stars5Issues

Black candy is a self hosted music streaming server built with Rails and Stimulus. The goal of the project is to create a real personal music center.

Black candy use docker for simplify deployment, development and test process. So you should install docker and docker-compose first.

Black candy support mp3, m4a, ogg, opus, flac and wav formats now.

Black candy has built docker images.

First, you need clone this project to your server.

And checkout to latest version.

Notice, the git tag you checkout must match with the version that blackcandy docker image you use, otherwise will cause some unexpected issue.


29 Mar 2020Last Commit563 (63/yr)Github Stars38Issues

(If it doesn't Just Work for you, please file a bug.)

The easiest way to get started. We maintain a Docker image that has syntax highlighting, Markdown rendering, code navigation, etc. pre-configured:

(Replace /path/to/your/repos with the folder that contains your Git repositories on the Docker host. You can also pass in multiple -v arguments if your repos are in multiple folders on the host.)

Go to http://localhost:7777 on the Docker host et voilà!

The command line above simply runs the klaus script -- for usage details, see the "Using the klaus script" section below.


23 May 2020Last Commit549 (103/yr)Github Stars8Issues

There is a few different ways of getting it:

This requires a Go environment, version 1.10 or greater.

Fetch, compile and run dispatch:

To get some help run:

This requires Node.js and yarn.

Fetch the dependencies:

Run the build:

The server needs to be rebuilt to embed new client builds.

For development with hot reloading start the frontend:

And then the backend in a separate terminal:

The libraries this project is built with.

Cross-browser Testing Platform and Open Source <3 Provided by Sauce Labs


31 Mar 2020Last Commit529 (75/yr)Github Stars11Issues

OpenCFP is a PHP-based conference talk submission system.


You can find screenshots of the application in our wiki


We request that anyone who installs OpenCFP to not share any of the personal information that is collected from users with any third parties without explicit permission from users and to also be aware of the existence of the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation as it could potentially impact your ability to accept submissions from anyone residing within the European Union.


18 Apr 2020Last Commit515 (80/yr)Github Stars26Issues

Go to Stretto, or if you would like to host it yourself, scroll down to the developer instructions.

Stretto works by backing every single one of your tracks with a video or song from youtube or soundcloud, and plays them transparently through an iframe embedded on the page.

Here is a list of some of the features Stretto has:

A basic Android application is in the works here:

Setup a .env file to setup your environment variables:

That's it! Go to http://localhost:3000


13 May 2020Last Commit508 (111/yr)Github Stars8Issues

Read here what those options do

This is a HASCHEK SOLUTIONS project


11 Apr 2020Last Commit507 (100/yr)Github Stars19Issues

Plik is a scalable & friendly temporary file upload system ( wetransfer like ) in golang.


To run plik, it's very simple :

Et voilà ! You now have a fully functional instance of Plik running on
You can edit server/plikd.cfg to adapt the configuration to your needs (ports, ssl, ttl, backend params,...)

Configure repository and install server and/or client

Edit server configuration at /etc/plikd.cfg and start the server

To compile plik from sources, you'll need golang and npm installed on your system.


22 May 2020Last Commit505 (62/yr)Github Stars285Issues

DSpace Documentation | DSpace Releases | DSpace Wiki | Support

DSpace open source software is a turnkey repository application used by more than 2,000 organizations and institutions worldwide to provide durable access to digital resources. For more information, visit

⚠️ Work on DSpace 7 has begun on our master branch. This means that there is temporarily NO user interface on this master branch. DSpace 7 will feature a new, unified Angular user interface, along with an enhanced, rebuilt REST API. The latest status of this work can be found on the DSpace 7 UI Working Group page. Additionally, the codebases can be found in the following places:


02 Apr 2020Last Commit489 (88/yr)Github Stars26Issues

Lavagna is a small and easy to use issue/project tracking software.

It requires Java 8 or better and optionally a database: MySQL, MariaDB or PostgreSQL. It can be deployed in a Java servlet container or as a self contained war.


Lavagna supports MySQL (at least 5.1), MariaDB (tested on 10.1), PostgreSQL (tested on 9.1) and HSQLDB (for small deploy).

It's distributed in 2 forms:

See the documentation at

If you want to test it locally, you can download the self contained war and run:


22 May 2020Last Commit483 (249/yr)Github Stars17Issues

A dead simple static HOMepage for your servER to keep your services on hand, from a simple yaml configuration file.

Check out the live demo here.

It supports keyboard shortcuts:

If you need authentication support, you're on your own (it can be secured using a web server auth module or exposing it only through a VPN network / SSH tunnel, ...)

How to build / install it? There is no build system (😱), use it like that! It's meant to be stupid simple & zero maintenance required. Just copy the static files somewhere, and visit the index.html.


23 May 2020Last Commit470 (69/yr)Github Stars43Issues

Teedy is an open source, lightweight document management system for individuals and businesses.

A demo is available at

A preconfigured Docker image is available, including OCR and media conversion tools, listening on port 8080. The database is an embedded H2 database but PostgreSQL is also supported for more performance.

The default admin password is "admin". Don't forget to change it before going to production.

The data directory is /data. Don't forget to mount a volume on it.

To build external URL, the server is expecting a DOCS_BASE_URL environment variable (for example


07 Jan 2020Last Commit459 (140/yr)Github Stars8Issues

So I wrote a new bookmarking service. We already have a lot of those, so why bother writing another one? Good question.

In short, I want my bookmarking service:

I tried a lot of existing bookmarking services, and I wasn't satisfied by any of them, for a variety of reasons.

Let me elaborate on the organization part first. The simplest way to organize bookmarks is to introduce folders to group them. This still poses a well-known problem though: some bookmarks can logically belong to multiple folders. In order to address this issue, some services use tags: now we can tag a bookmark with more than one tag. So far so good.


23 May 2020Last Commit457 (145/yr)Github Stars380Issues


OpenSupports is an open source ticket system built primarily with PHP and ReactJS. Please, visit our website for more information:

Here is a guide of how to set up the development environment in OpenSupports.

OpenSupport uses by default the port 3000, but this port could already be used. If this is the case, you can modify this in the file: client/webpack.config.js.

Just as there is a task for development, there is also a npm build task for putting the project into a production-ready state. This will run each of the tasks, while also adding the image minification task discussed above and the result store in dist/ folder.


17 Apr 2020Last Commit454 (120/yr)Github Stars11Issues

One of the following:

You can now start Polaris from the start menu or from your desktop, Polaris will also start automatically next time you restart your computer. You can tell when Polaris is running by its icon in the notification area (near the clock and volume controls).

This installation process puts the polaris executable in ~/.local/bin/polaris and several data files under ~/.local/share/polaris.

From here, you might want to adjust your system to run Polaris on login using Cron, Systemd or whichever method your distribution endorses.


11 Mar 2020Last Commit439 (92/yr)Github Stars10Issues

The OwnTracks Recorder is a lightweight program for storing and accessing location data published via MQTT (or HTTP) by the OwnTracks apps. It is a compiled program which is easy to install and operate even on low-end hardware, and it doesn't require an external database.

There are two main components: the Recorder obtains data via MQTT subscribes or HTTP POST, stores the data in plain files and serve it via its built-in REST API, and the ocat command-line utility reads stored data in a variety of formats.


23 May 2020Last Commit429 (80/yr)Github Stars41Issues

Leantime is a lean open source project management system for startups and innovators written in PHP, Javascript with MySQL.



to load Javascript dependencies and finally run the grunt task to create the compiled js files

We maintain an official Docker image on dockerhub. To run the image enter your MySQL credentials and execute

You can set any of the config variables in config/configuration.php when running the docker command.

Once started you can go to <>/install and run the installation script.


17 May 2020Last Commit425 (103/yr)Github Stars29Issues

A PHP-based self-hosted URL shortener that can be used to serve shortened URLs under your own custom domain.

This document references Shlink 2.x. If you are using an older version and want to upgrade, follow the UPGRADE doc.

These are the steps needed to install Shlink if you plan to manually host it.

Alternatively, you can use the official docker image. If that's your intention, jump directly to Using a docker image

First, make sure the host where you are going to run shlink fulfills these requirements:


26 Mar 2020Last Commit416 (76/yr)Github Stars22Issues

pb is a lightweight pastebin and url shortener built using flask.

There is currently no known general-purpose public pb deployment. See #246 for details.

pb comes with a Dockerfile and docker-compose.yaml to start development environments easily. Refer to relevant documentation for how to install docker and docker-compose.

start pb with:

pb will be listening on http://localhost:10002 (the reference deployment) uses ptpb-deploy, which includes TLS termination, automatic x509 certificate rotation, and response caching.


11 Jul 2019Last Commit400 (51/yr)Github Stars35Issues

This server distributes maps to desktop, web, and mobile applications from a standard Apache+PHP web hosting.

Try a live demo at:

It is a free and open-source project implementing OGC WMTS standard for pre-rendered map tiles made with MapTiler, GDAL2Tiles, or available as MBTiles files.

It is the easiest and cheapest way how to serve zoomable maps in a standardized way - practically from any ordinary web hosting.

It is easy to install - just copy the project files to a PHP-enabled directory along with your map data.


03 May 2020Last Commit377 (117/yr)Github Stars58Issues

This is a photo management application based on web technologies. Run it on your home server and it will let you find what you want from your photo collection using any device. Smart filtering is made possible automatically by object recognition, location awareness, color analysis and other algorithms.

This project is currently in development and not feature complete for a version 1.0 yet. If you don't mind putting up with broken parts or want to help out, run the Docker image and give it a go. I'd love for other contributors to get involved.


21 May 2020Last Commit369 (1476/yr)Github Stars34Issues

Please read the latest update post:

To run in a subfolder, use a CONTEXT_PATH environment variable. For example, to run at localhost:5000/dash:

Check out this awesome guide:

Instructions are for linux.

Then open a web browser and go to localhost:5000

For python, use git. For docker, just pull the latest image and recreate the container.

The user data folder is located at DashMachine/dashmachine/user_data. This is where the config.ini, custom backgrounds/icons, and the database file live. A reference for what can go into the config.ini file can be found on the settings page of the dashmachine by clicking the info icon next to 'Config'.


24 May 2020Last Commit368 (49/yr)Github Stars89Issues

A free, modern, flexible electronic lab notebook for researchers

Official website | Live demo | Documentation | Dedicated hosting

eLabFTW is an electronic lab notebook manager for research teams.

It lets you store and organize your research experiments easily. It also features a database where any kind of objects (such as antibodies, plasmids, cell lines, boxes, etc.) can be stored. It is accessed via the browser. Several research teams can be hosted on the same installation. This means eLabFTW can be installed at the institute level and host all team members at the same place. This is what is done at Institut Curie and in several other research centers around the globe.


26 Apr 2020Last Commit353 (151/yr)Github Stars32Issues

OpenEats is a recipe management site that allows users to create, share, and store their personal collection of recipes. This fork uses Django Rest Framework as a backend and React (with flux) as a front end.

The usage for the app is intended for a single user or a small group. For my personal use, I would be an admin user and a few (about 5-6) friends and family would be normal users. Admin users can add other users to the project (no open sign-ups), make changes to the available Cuisines and Courses, and add to the homepage banner. Normal users just have the ability to add recipes. Below are a few of the core features the app provides.


22 May 2020Last Commit350 (106/yr)Github Stars2Issues

Scoold is a Q&A/knowledge base platform written in Java. The project was created back in 2008, released in 2012 as social network for schools inspired by Stack Overflow. In 2017 it was refactored, repackaged and open-sourced.

Scoold can run anywhere - Heroku, DigitalOcean, AWS, Azure or any VPS hosting provider. It's lightweight (~7000 LOC), the backend is handled by a separate service called Para. Scoold does not require a database, and the controller logic is really simple because all the heavy lifting is delegated to Para. This makes the code easy to read and can be learned quickly by junior developers.


03 Feb 2019Last Commit344 (51/yr)Github Stars118Issues

Hellowlol HTPC Manager fork

===== A python based web application to manage the software on your HTPC. HTPC Manager combines all your favorite software into one slick interface.

Requires Python 2.6 or 2.7

Start with python

If you're missing something don't be afraid to make a request :)

See here for full list:

Before you open a new issue, make sure you:

If you still have problems: INCLUDE THIS IN YOUR ISSUE

See the wiki


13 May 2020Last Commit339 (55/yr)Github Stars2Issues

Para is a simple and modular backend framework for object persistence and retrieval. It helps you build and prototype applications faster by taking care of backend operations. It can be a part of your JVM-based application or it can be deployed as standalone, multitenant API server with multiple applications and clients connecting to it.

The name "pára" means "steam" in Bulgarian. And just like steam is used to power stuff, you can use Para to power your mobile or web application backend.

See how Para compares to other open source backend frameworks.


22 May 2020Last Commit338 (102/yr)Github Stars18Issues

Judge0 API is a robust and scalable open-source online code execution system.

Judge0 API can help you build wide range of applications varying from competitive programming platforms, educational and recruitment platforms, to online code editors and more.

To see Judge0 API in action, try Judge0 IDE - free and open-source code editor that uses Judge0 API for executing the user’s source code.

For more information check out

Choose a plan on RapidAPI or install on your own server.


11 Feb 2020Last Commit329 (46/yr)Github Stars24Issues

Demo application: (Username: demo / password: demo)

More screenshots

Reader is an open source, Web-based aggregator of content served by Web Feeds (RSS, Atom).

Reader is written in Java, and may be run on any operating system with Java support.

See for a list of features and benefits.

Compiled installers are available here for each new versions:

Reader is released under the terms of the GPL license. See COPYING for more information or see


04 Apr 2020Last Commit320 (41/yr)Github Stars1Issues

This is an open source clone of, which is now defunct.

See demo at or

At the top of index.php file, change $base_url variable to point to your site.

Make sure the web server is allowed to write to the _tmp directory.

You may need to enable mod_rewrite and set up .htaccess files in your site configuration. See How To Set Up mod_rewrite for Apache.

To enable URL rewriting, put something like this in your configuration file:

If notepad is in the root directory:


06 May 2020Last Commit319 (205/yr)Github Stars12Issues

Uvdesk community helpdesk project skeleton packaged along with the bare essential utilities and tools to build and customize your own helpdesk solutions.

Visit our official demo website to see it in action!

Check out UVdesk on Symfony Official WebsiteSymfony

Build on top of symfony and backbone.js, uvdesk community is a service oriented, event driven extensible opensource helpdesk system that can be used by your organization to provide efficient support to your clients effortlessly whichever way you imagine.


22 May 2020Last Commit318 (401/yr)Github Stars44Issues

Komga is a free and open source comics/mangas server.

Features include:

Get the app from our releases page or through Docker.

Head over to our website for more information.

Check the development guidelines.

The Komga icon is based on an icon made by Freepik from


09 May 2016Last Commit315 (70/yr)Github Stars13Issues

The simple, turn-based budget.

Bennedetto is a fresh, minimalist take on tracking your spending. Use the tool to

Read more about the project's inception here

To build the project, create a new virtual environment and activate it.

Next, navigate to the source root, install the dev dependencies, and run the migrations.

Now create a superuser that will have access to both the django admin and the app itself.

To start the webserver, run the familiar python runserver or use the alias provided in the Makefile


14 May 2020Last Commit308 (33/yr)Github Stars68Issues

Spectrum 2 is an open source instant messaging transport.

It allows users to chat together even when they are using different IM networks.

It acts as a transport layer between the users as showed in the animation above.


08 Jan 2020Last Commit307 (39/yr)Github Stars66Issues

Adagios is a web based Nagios configuration interface built to be simple and intuitive in design, exposing less of the clutter under the hood of nagios. Additionally adagios has a rest interface for both status and configuration data as well a feature complete status interface that can be used as an alternative to nagios web interface.

Project website is at

If you want to try out Adagios we have 2 docker images available for testing. Feel free to send in feature request and issues. Images hosted on Docker Hub.


26 Mar 2020Last Commit296 (39/yr)Github Stars19Issues

PGObserver is a battle-tested monitoring solution for your PostgreSQL databases. It covers almost all the metrics provided by the database engine's internal statistics collector, and works out of the box with all PostgreSQL versions (beginning with 9.0) as well as AWS RDS. You don’t have to install any non-standard, server-side database extensions to take advantage of its core functionality, nor do you need to register any privileged users.

For some metrics you must install data-gathering wrapper functions — also known as stored procedures — on the server being monitored. This will enable you to circumvent the superuser requirements.


23 May 2020Last Commit294 (47/yr)Github Stars79Issues

farmOS is a web-based application for farm management, planning, and record keeping. It is developed by a community of volunteers and aims to provide a standard platform for farmers, developers, and researchers to build upon.

Official website:

If you would like to install and host farmOS yourself, see the official documentation on

If you would like to pay for hosting, Farmier provides affordable options for individual farms and organizations.


30 Sep 2019Last Commit292 (41/yr)Github Stars7Issues

Copyright (c) 2019 Piethein Strengholt,

RSSMonster is an easy to use web-based RSS aggregator, created as an alternative for Google Reader. RSSMonster features a lightweight fluid responsive design. The font-end has been written in JavaScript (VueJS) and the back-end in Express (NodeJS). It also uses the Twitter Boostrap framework. Several features are implemented such as marking as read when scrolling, drag and drop style manage feeds, json events, etc. RSSMonster is compatible with the Fever API. Feel free to add any contributions or new features.


12 Apr 2020Last Commit275 (1565/yr)Github Stars12Issues

tube is a Youtube-like (without censorship and features you don't need!) Video Sharing App written in Go which also supports automatic transcoding to MP4 H.265 AAC, multiple collections and RSS feed.

Open in your Browser!

Open in your Browser!

Open http://DOCKER_MACHINE_IP:8000/ in your Browser!

Where DOCKER_MACHINE_IP is the IP Address of your Docker Node.

Open in your Browser!

A Production Deployment can be found at -- This is run and managed via a Docker Swarm cluster with a Docker-Compose / Stack very similiar to the one you can find in the repo: docker-compose.yml


17 Apr 2020Last Commit274 (161/yr)Github Stars10Issues

a fast and simple webserver for your files, that's dependency-free and with under 200 lines of code, easy to review.

a simple UI comes as default, featuring :

built blobs are available on the release page - or simply make build this repo.

release images are pushed to dockerhub, e.g. :

in a do-one-thing-well mindset, HTTPS and authentication has been left to middlewares and proxies. for instance caddy handles this very well - have a look at this small caddy config with authentication and option for HTTPS that works along with gossa.


06 Nov 2019Last Commit271 (83/yr)Github Stars30Issues

This repository contains bblfsh daemon (bblfshd), which includes the runtime that runs the driver in containers and the bblfshctl, a cli tool used to control the installed drivers and query the status of the daemon.

Drivers are implemented as Docker images, each having their own repository in the bblfsh organization on GitHub. For more information, see bblfsh SDK documentation.

See the Getting Started guide.

This project is now part of source{d} Engine, which provides the simplest way to get started with a single command. Visit for more information.


15 May 2020Last Commit263 (73/yr)Github Stars30Issues

Zanata is a web-based system for translators to translate documentation and software online using a web-browser. It is written in Java and uses modern web technologies like JBoss EAP, CDI, GWT, Hibernate, and a REST API. It currently supports translation of DocBook/Publican documentation through PO files, and a number of other formats. Projects can be uploaded to and downloaded from a Zanata server using a Maven plugin or a command line client.

For developers and writers: By using Zanata for your document translations, you can open up your project for translations without opening your entire project in version control.


15 May 2020Last Commit262 (96/yr)Github Stars8Issues

A simple, secure self-destructing message service, using HashiCorp Vault product as a backend.

Read more about the reasoning behind this project in the relevant blog post.

Now using Let's Encrypt for simple and free SSL certs!

Running locally will use a self-signed SSL certificate for whatever your local dev domain is. The default is localhost, to change it just pass an argument to make. For example, if you set secret.test in your /etc/hosts you would run locally as:

Try it! (you can ignore the safety warning since it's a self-signed cert)


12 May 2020Last Commit260 (249/yr)Github Stars0Issues

ActiveWorkflow is an intelligent process automation platform that uses software agents; autonomous entities that act on schedule or react to external triggers. These unsupervised agents connect to APIs, process information, perform routine tasks, and enable you to automate internal or external workflows.

ActiveWorkflow is an intelligent process automation platform that uses software agents. A key objective when using ActiveWorkflow is to automate and orchestrate activities that would typically require human time and involvement. Thus, think more along the lines of replacing manual checking of websites, APIs, emails, and calendars rather than building low-level data pipelines (though that's also certainly possible). The basic concepts in ActiveWorkflow are agents and workflows. An overview of each follows below.


02 May 2020Last Commit259 (63/yr)Github Stars128Issues

Socialhome is best described as a federated personal profile with social networking functionality. Users can create rich content using Markdown and even HTML/JS/CSS (if set as trusted user). All content can be pinned to the user profile and all content will federate to contacts in the federated social web. Currently federation happens using the ActivityPub and Diaspora protocols.

Please check the official site for more information about features. Naturally, the official site is a Socialhome profile itself.


23 May 2020Last Commit255 (26/yr)Github Stars216Issues

🌎 Deutsch

REDAXO provides you an easy-to-learn website framework. It lets you create content from custom modules with full control of any input and output. It is multilingual, highly extendable and adapts to your workflow.


Changelog  |  Documentation  |  API Docs  |  Tricks  |  Slack  |  Twitter  |  Friends Of REDAXO  |  Community Map


REDAXO is mainly used in German-speaking countries. However, the software already comes in several languages — English, Spanish, Italian, Swedisch, Portuguese — and the community is working on translating more and more content. If you don't understand German, please don't let that stop you from trying REDAXO: The community is known for being extremely helpful and friendly, and we will support you wherever we can! ✌️


17 May 2020Last Commit249 (39/yr)Github Stars4Issues

WonderCMS is an extremely small flat file CMS. It's fast, responsive and doesn't require any configuration.

For setting up WonderCMS on NGINX or IIS servers, there is one additional step required. Read more: NGINX setup or IIS setup.

WonderCMS works on most Apache servers/hosts (even free ones) by default.

Libraries are loaded from Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) and include SRI tags.

Also listed on the official WonderCMS website. Thank you for the support!


22 Apr 2020Last Commit243 (58/yr)Github Stars46Issues


This is a directory-first photo gallery website, optimised for running on low resource servers (especially on raspberry pi)

Live Demo @ heroku:

Docker with docker-compose is the offitial and recommend way of installing and running Pigallery2. It contains all necessary dependencies, auto restarts on reboot, supports https, easy to upgrade to newer versions. For configuration and docker-compose files read more here or check all builds:


08 May 2020Last Commit242 (159/yr)Github Stars8Issues

nefarious is a web application that automatically downloads Movies and TV Shows.

It aims to combine features of Sonarr, Radarr and Ombi.

It uses Jackett and Transmission under the hood. Jackett searches for torrents and Transmission does the downloading.



You must have docker and docker-compose already installed. See dependencies.

Clone the nefarious repository and start all the Docker containers:

NOTE: the first time you bring up nefarious can take a few minutes.

Your default local URLs for all the various services will be:


23 May 2020Last Commit242 (46/yr)Github Stars108Issues

Libre collaborative resource mapper powered by open-knowledge

This repository hosts source code. Its a collaborative resources mapper project, while yet only focused on exploring books mapping with wikidata and ISBNs

This repository tracks the server-side developments, while the (heavy) client-side can be found here. Client-related technical issues should go in the client repo, while this repo gathers all other technical issues. Non-technical discussions such as feature requests should preferably happen in the roadmap. In doubt, just use your best guess or come ask on the chat :)


02 May 2020Last Commit241 (45/yr)Github Stars38Issues

Rallly is a free collaborative scheduling service that helps you and your friends vote on a date to host an event. The application has been developed with the MEAN stack of technologies.

This assumes that you have Docker installed

To get started quickly and easily, simply run the following:

Copy the sample .env file then open it and set the variables.

Now run the server!

Now that was simple!

To run Rallly you will need:

Clone the repository on your machine and set the current directory to the root of the repository


30 Apr 2020Last Commit237 (237/yr)Github Stars7Issues

Freshlytics is an open source privacy-friendly analytics software. It aims to be reliable, friendly to use and easy to deploy.

PRs are welcome!


19 Apr 2018Last Commit234 (52/yr)Github Stars0Issues

The main reasons of this are to improve maintainability, stability and add new features.

DPlatform helps you to easily install applications and manage them.

Simplicity: Easy automated installation. Manage your applications simply through an UI

Lightness: Keep as light and close as a manual installation. No Docker required

Independence: Full control of your apps. Independence of installed apps from any third party service, including DPlatform

Freedom: Free and Open Source applications. DPlatform is a MIT licensed project


27 Jul 2016Last Commit223 (30/yr)Github Stars16Issues

I'm Leselys, your very elegant RSS reader. Try me right now (password: demo)!

No bullshit apps for Android, iPhone, etc. Just a responsive design and for every device.

Leselys is Heroku ready.

Two requirements: Mongodb and Python.

In order to install leselys you'll need some dependencies:

And install your MongoDB.

This is the right way, with virtualenv:

Open your browser at http://localhost:5000.

Setting up with Docker is easy. There is no published images on the Docker Hub yet but here's how to build a set of images easily and quickly using Docker Compose:


18 Sep 2018Last Commit215 (31/yr)Github Stars44Issues

DeviceHive turns any connected device into the part of Internet of Things. It provides the communication layer, control software and multi-platform libraries to bootstrap development of smart energy, home automation, remote sensing, telemetry, remote control and monitoring software and much more.

Connect embedded Linux using Python, Node.js or Java libraries and JSON format. Write and read your data via REST, Websockets or MQTT, explore visualization on Grafana charts.

Develop client applications using HTML5/JavaScript and Android libraries. Leave communications to DeviceHive and focus on actual product and innovation.


10 Dec 2019Last Commit212 (47/yr)Github Stars64Issues

GNU AGPL v3 or higher (see file License)

Place this application into a directory where cgi-scripts are evaluated.

If you want to change some configuration, state it in the file config.rb (see config_sample.rb for help) to start with a default configuration.

The webserver needs the permission to write into the directory

You need .mo files in order to use localisation. You have 2 possibilities:

Run this small script to fetch the files from the main server:

Build them on your own. This requires gettext, ruby-gettext, potool, and make to be installed.


20 May 2020Last Commit209 (278/yr)Github Stars12Issues

Hauk is a fully open source, self-hosted location sharing service. Install the backend code on a PHP-compatible web server, install the companion app on your phone, and you're good to go!

If you prefer not to use the install script, you can instead choose to copy the files manually.

The Hauk backend is available as packages for the following distributions:

Install hauk-server from AUR. The backend will be installed to /usr/share/webapps/hauk-server.

The official Docker image on Docker Hub is bilde2910/hauk. It comes with several different tags:


20 May 2020Last Commit201 (34/yr)Github Stars172Issues

Relate is an Environment for Learning And TEaching

RELATE is a web-based courseware package. It is set apart by the following features:

Focus on easy content creation

See example content.

Flexible rules for participation, access, and grading

Versioning of content through deep integration with git. Instructors can preview newly-authored content while students work with prior versions, all from the same instance of RELATE.

Multiple courses can be hosted on the same installation

Code questions:

Class calendar and grade book functionality.


23 May 2020Last Commit199 (47/yr)Github Stars69Issues

Navidrome is an open source web-based music collection server and streamer. It gives you freedom to listen to your music collection from any browser or mobile device. It's like your personal Spotify!

Any feedback is welcome! If you need/want a new feature, find a bug or think of any way to improve Navidrome, please fill a GitHub issue or join the discussion in our Subreddit. If you want to contribute to the project in any other way (ui/backend dev, translations, themes), please join the chat in our Discord server.


24 May 2020Last Commit194 (108/yr)Github Stars64Issues

I was using the version 3, how do I upgrade to version 4? See Upgrade »

To find out what's changed, see the changelog ».

Since the 1st of April 2018 this project has moved to it's own Organisation ( where people are able to submit their fixes to it. We, the Organisation owners, want to thank electerious (Tobias Reich) for the opportunity to make this project live on.

Lychee is a free photo-management tool, which runs on your server or web-space. Installing is a matter of seconds. Upload, manage and share photos like from a native application. Lychee comes with everything you need and all your photos are stored securely. Read more on our website.


23 May 2020Last Commit191 (38/yr)Github Stars1086Issues

The Firefox Accounts (fxa) monorepo

Getting Started
Firefox Custom Profile
Functional Tests
Node debugging
Android debugging
FxA Email Service
Firefox for Android
Firefox for iOS
Running with MailDev
Other tasks

Manually install the system dependencies for OS X or Ubuntu. Note that WSL is required for development work on Windows.

Clone this repository.


Note: If yarn install fails, ensure your yarn -v is at least 1.22.0.

Note this starts up all required services, including Redis, MySQL, and Memcached. It is recommended that you don't run these services yourself, or occupy any of the server ports. Doing so may result in errors.


20 May 2020Last Commit187 (29/yr)Github Stars2Issues

The IFM is a web-based filemanager, which comes as a single file solution using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and PHP. You can test a demo here.

The IFM uses the following resources:

Just copy the ifm.php to your webspace - thats all :)

The IFM is usually locked to it's own directory, so you are not able to go above. You can change that by setting the root_dir in the scripts configuration.

By default, it is not allowed to show or edit the .htaccess file. This is because you can configure the IFM via environment variables. Thus if anyone has the ability to edit the .htaccess file, he could overwrite the active configuration. See also.


23 May 2020Last Commit182 (158/yr)Github Stars16Issues

the default login is admin/admin.
password can then be changed from the web interface

note: unfortunately if you do this above, you'll be compiling gonic locally on your machine (if someone knows how I can statically link sqlite3 and taglib, please let me know so I can distribute static binaries)

or else you can run in docker, available on dockerhub as sentriz/gonic

then start with docker-compose up -d


23 May 2020Last Commit181 (85/yr)Github Stars4Issues

Espial is an open-source, web-based bookmarking server.

It allows mutiple accounts, but currently intended for self-host scenarios.

The bookmarks are stored in a sqlite3 database, for ease of deployment & maintenence.

The easist way for logged-in users to add bookmarks, is with the "bookmarklet", found on the Settings page.

log in — username: demo password: demo


Install the Stack executable here:

Build executables

Create the database


24 May 2020Last Commit180 (29/yr)Github Stars291Issues

Small and Medium business accounting and ERP

LedgerSMB is a free integrated web application accounting system, featuring double entry accounting, budgeting, invoicing, quotations, projects, timecards, inventory management, shipping and more ...

The UI allows world-wide accessibility; with its data stored in the enterprise-strength PostgreSQL open source database system, the system is known to operate smoothly for businesses with thousands of transactions per week. Screens and customer visible output are defined in templates, allowing easy and fast customization. Supported output formats are PDF, CSV, HTML, ODF and more.


01 Nov 2019Last Commit175 (51/yr)Github Stars4Issues

Send browser notifications from your terminal. No installation. No registration.

Notica is a Bash function / alias that sends a notification to a tab in your browser when it's ran:

This will wait until the first command completes before running Notica. That way you can go do other things while your long task runs. Then you will recieve a notification on any devices that have the Notica website open.

Please follow the instructions on the Notica home page since they are generated specific to you:


23 May 2020Last Commit175 (619/yr)Github Stars18Issues

Mango is a self-hosted manga server and reader. Its features include

Simply download the pre-built binary file mango for the latest release. All the dependencies are statically linked, and it should work with most Linux systems on amd64.

The official docker images are available on Dockerhub.

The default config file location is ~/.config/mango/config.yml. It might be different if you are running Mango in a docker container. The config options and default values are given below

You can organize your .cbz/.zip files in nested folders in the library directory. Here's an example:


02 Feb 2020Last Commit172 (51/yr)Github Stars3Issues

golinks is a web app that allows you to create smart bookmarks, commands and aliases by pointing your web browser's default search engine at a running instance. Similar to bunny1 or yubnub.

There is a formula provided that you can tap and install from prologic/homebrew-golinks:

NB: This installs the latest released binary; so if you want a more recent unreleased version from master you'll have to clone the repository and build yourself.

To startup a container with an image from docker hub, run the following:


01 Mar 2020Last Commit170 (28/yr)Github Stars33Issues

nsedit is a DNS editor for PowerDNS. It is created to finally replace poweradmin and take DNS editing to what we're used at in 2014. It uses the PowerDNS API to make changes in your zones, so you can use the backend that you want, no matter what.

Multiple users are supported. A user can be an admin or a normal user. You can configure whether or not a normal user is allowed to add new zones.

WeFact is A hosting billing product. nsedit can authenticate against the WeFact API, which allows your customers to login on nsedit with their WeFact credentials. It will automatically show their domains and allow them to edit them.


14 Feb 2018Last Commit167 (34/yr)Github Stars9Issues

Explore and share. Highly-configurable directory listing made with nodejs.

0.12 and iojs are no longer supported as of v3.0.0

Go to IP:4859, login with admin:admin Don't forget to change the password.

With pm2 configuration file is located in ~/.config/explorer

You may want to create your own HTTPS certs or disable it (see below).

More installation methods

The config.yml will be searched in:

To reload the configuration you'll need to restart the script pm2 restart xplorer!

See also: minimal, dev

Search accepts globs and filters:


10 Mar 2020Last Commit166 (43/yr)Github Stars15Issues

This is source code of RSS feed generator website with user friendly interface.

(If you have some questions please contact me by github email)

Install required packages

Install pip

Install pip packages

Install less and yuglify

Install sass

Install and setup nginx

Install and setup mysql if you didn't yet.

Create database. Use password 'toor' for root user

Create django config

Initialise database

Run downloader server

Run frontend server

Docker Host IP in browser. Ex:



22 May 2020Last Commit161 (28/yr)Github Stars9Issues

LMS is a self-hosted music streaming software: access your music collection from anywhere using a web interface!

A demo instance is available, with the following limitations:

LMS provides several ways to help you find the music you like:

The recommendation engine uses two different sources:

Notes on the self-organizing map:

The API version implemented is 1.12.0 and has been tested on Android using the official application, Ultrasonic and DSub.

Since LMS uses metadata tags to organize music, a compatibility mode is used to navigate through the collection using the directory browsing commands.


18 May 2020Last Commit159 (57/yr)Github Stars0Issues

Simple accounting SPA in Clojure and ClojureScript.

boodle uses these Clojure/ClojureScript libraries:

I used Bulma for the UI and customised re-frame-modal and cljs-pikaday to play well with it. Check the documentation for more details.

To run boodle, you need:

Set up the database with the necessary tables and permissions you find in model.sql. Check also resources/config/config.edn to adjust the database connection parameters.

From the project root, run:

Compile the ClojureScript files with:

From the project root, fire up the server with:


23 May 2020Last Commit153 (58/yr)Github Stars4Issues

A simple, self-hosted Markdown note-taking app built with VueJS, and Express.

This project is still under development. The following features are about to be implemented. Feel free to contribute.

Feel free to contribute! All contributions that add value to the project are welcome. However, please be aware that you are not done after having opened a PR. In order to keep quality high, it is expected that you implement change requests and react to comments within an adequate time, until your code is merged. Otherwise your PRs will be closed after a while, sorry!


24 Mar 2020Last Commit149 (32/yr)Github Stars1Issues

Static server for s3 or gcs files.

Table of Contents

For installation instructions from binaries please visit the Releases Page.

run with the docker image


20 May 2020Last Commit149 (224/yr)Github Stars1Issues

A picture is worth a thousand words. Or is it? Tables, charts, pictures are all useful in understanding our data but often we need a description – a story to tell us what are we looking at. Accelerated Text is a natural language generation tool which allows you to define data descriptions and then generates multiple versions of those descriptions varying in wording and structure.

Accelerated Text can work with all sorts of data:

With Accelerated Text you can use such data to generate text for your business reports, your e-commerce platform or your customer support system.


18 May 2020Last Commit146 (22/yr)Github Stars0Issues

It means Let's Shorten That Url.

Lstu is licensed under the terms of the WTFPL. See the LICENSE file.

Please, see the wiki.

Or you can see usage with Docker.

By default, there are 8 361 453 672 available combinations.

I think the sqlite db will explode before you reach this limit, but you can use PostgreSQL or MySQL as database instead of SQLite.

If you want more shortened URLs than that, open lstu.conf and change the length setting.

Every time somebody uses Lstu, it will create 'waiting' shortened URLs codes in order to be quick to shorten the URLs.


17 May 2020Last Commit142 (217/yr)Github Stars5Issues

sist2 (Simple incremental search tool)

Warning: sist2 is in early development

* See format support
** See Archive files
*** See OCR

Have an Elasticsearch (>= 6.X.X) instance running

Download sist2 executable

See Usage guide

* Windows users: sist2 runs under WSL

See Usage guide for more details

* See Archive files

sist2 will scan files stored into archive files (zip, tar, 7z...) as if they were directly in the file system. Recursive (archives inside archives) scan is also supported.


To check if a media file can be parsed without seek, execute cat file.mp4 | ffprobe -


23 May 2020Last Commit133 (40/yr)Github Stars38Issues

Xandikos is a lightweight yet complete CardDAV/CalDAV server that backs onto a Git repository.

Xandikos (Ξανδικός or Ξανθικός) takes its name from the name of the March month in the ancient Macedonian calendar, used in Macedon in the first millennium BC.

The following standards are implemented:

The following standards are not implemented:

See DAV compliance for more detail on specification compliancy.

Xandikos has been tested and works with the following CalDAV/CardDAV clients:

At the moment, Xandikos supports Python 3.4 and higher as well as Pypy 3. It also uses Dulwich, Jinja2, icalendar, and defusedxml.


25 Mar 2019Last Commit130 (13/yr)Github Stars23Issues

Moonmoon is a web based aggregator similar to planetplanet. It can be used to blend articles from different blogs with same interests into a single page.

Moonmoon is simple: it only aggregates feeds and spits them out in one single page. It does not archive articles, it does not do comments nor votes.

You will need a web hosting with at least PHP 5.6 (PHP 7 is also supported).

If you are installing moonmoon on a Linux private server (VPS, dedicated host), please note that you will need to install the package php-xml.


31 Mar 2020Last Commit126 (82/yr)Github Stars8Issues

Rapid bay is a self hosted video service/torrent client that makes playing videos from torrents as easy as:

Requires Docker

App will be running at http://localhost:5000

The default setting downloads all subtitle languages but it might get slow if there are many for a given file.

To solve this you need to customize which languages you want.

Add the env variable SUBTITLE_LANGUAGES to your docker params like so:

Rapidbay supports using the torrent indexer Jackett for searching. Just provide the the env variables JACKETT_HOST and JACKETT_API_KEY like so:


21 May 2020Last Commit119 (25/yr)Github Stars8Issues

Laminar ( is a lightweight and modular Continuous Integration service for Linux. It is self-hosted and developer-friendly, eschewing a configuration UI in favour of simple version-controllable configuration files and scripts.

Laminar encourages the use of existing GNU/Linux tools such as bash and cron instead of reinventing them.

Although the status and progress front-end is very user-friendly, administering a Laminar instance requires writing shell scripts and manually editing configuration files. That being said, there is nothing esoteric here and the guide should be straightforward for anyone with even very basic Linux server administration experience.


03 Mar 2018Last Commit117 (18/yr)Github Stars14Issues

March, 2018: This project is not maintained any more!

"We need something like Facebook, but just not Facebook." If you heard that from your client, or thought that yourself, PPnet might be for you.

Create and host your own social network. With some simple steps you can get it in less then 15 minutes. This project is partly funded by the Europian Union through the FI-CONTENT.

PPnet is built as a single page application (SPA) in the JavaScript framework AngularJS, and uses a PouchDB/CouchDB combination for data synchronisation. The nice thing about this architecture is that you only need a CouchDB as a server side component (plus a simple HTTP Server) and that it works in online/offline mode. Additionally, it can authenticate against OAuth2 comaptible providers (like KeyRock).


29 Sep 2018Last Commit116 (34/yr)Github Stars20Issues

Photato aims to be a self-hosted photo gallery, accessible through a responsive WebUI.

Give to Photato a picture folder and it will index it, using the file system hierarchy.

Here are the features we will implement in the future (you can contribute if you want to implement one yourself)

Photato will rename all pictures with 2+ spaces in a row to the same but with one space (otherwise it would make exiftool crash). For instance "my picture.jpg" will be renamed to "my picture.jpg"


22 May 2020Last Commit113 (28/yr)Github Stars14Issues

EGroupware 19.1 can be installed via Docker, in fact the DEB/RPM packages also does that. Instructions on how to run EGroupware in Docker are in doc/docker subdirectory.

switch to 17.1 branch and follow instructions there

install-cli.php supports the following "channels":

To change the channel, call install-cli.php <channel-to-update-to>.

For further instalation instructions see our wiki.


27 Feb 2019Last Commit111 (38/yr)Github Stars0Issues

Hapttic listens for incoming HTTP connections. When it receives a connection, it dumps all relevant data (headers, path, parameters, the body and other stuff) into a JSON object and calls a bash script with this object as its parameters.

The basic idea is pretty similar. The main advantage of hapttic is ease of setup with a simple Docker image that lets you quickly connect a shell script to a http endpoint.

First, create a request handler at ~/

Then run the following command to spin up the docker container that runs hapttic:


28 May 2019Last Commit110 (32/yr)Github Stars1Issues

Linkr is a self-hosted URL shortener built on modern web technologies that is fast, minimalistic, and developer-friendly.

Get the code

Install dependencies

Set up the MySQL database

Configuration options and secrets

Build the app.

Run the script to walk you through setting up the database and creating an admin user.

Almost there! An Apache virtual host config sample using WSGI:

The service is now live at!

Building the application from source is highly recommended. This is because the application's configuration options are specific to your installation, and must be configured before the application can run. Also, client-side secrets are bundled directly into the application as part of the build process, so it's not possible to distribute a pre-built frontend.


17 May 2020Last Commit105 (27/yr)Github Stars5Issues

FileShelter is a self-hosted software that allows you to easily share files over the Internet. Just upload a file and get an URL back!

The aim is to provide a very simple web application, with few package dependencies, so that anyone can install it on his own server.

A demo instance is available, with the following limitations:

A docker image is available, thanks to Paul Galow.

Once the expiry date or the download limit is reached, the download is no longer available and the file is deleted.

Buster packages are provided for amd64 and armhf architectures.


22 May 2020Last Commit103 (271/yr)Github Stars3Issues

In a nutshell, Papermerge is an open source document management system (DMS) primarily designed for archiving and retrieving your digital documents. Instead of having piles of paper documents all over your desk, office or drawers - you can quickly scan them and configure your scanner to directly upload to Papermerge DMS.

Papermerge DMS on its turn will OCR the document and index it. You will be able to quickly find any (scanned!) document using full text search capabilities.

You can try it with just 3 simple commands (you need git and docker-compose):


23 May 2020Last Commit101 (29/yr)Github Stars2Issues

Modern open source project time tracking for freelancers and small teams

We believe in the philosophy "Do One Thing And Do It Well." and try to follow it in the design and implementation of titra. A great companion for titra is Wekan, where you can plan your tasks and track your time against later on.

According to the philosophy described above, titra has been built to be the easiest, most convenient and modern way to track your time spent on projects. We want you to get started tracking your time as fast and with the least distractions as possible. After tracking your time, the second most important aspect is the ability to report and export your tracked time efficiently.


20 May 2020Last Commit98 (41/yr)Github Stars7Issues

Simple personal server to serve audio files from directories. Intended primarily for audio books, but anything with decent directories structure will do. Focus here is on simplicity and minimalistic design.

Server is in Rust, default web client (HTML5 + Javascript) is intended for modern browsers (latest Firefox or Chrome) and is integrated with the server. There is also Android client and API for custom clients.

For some background and video demo check this article Audioserve Audiobooks Server - Stupidly Simple or Simply Stupid?


22 May 2020Last Commit96 (12/yr)Github Stars25Issues


Need to send a secret to someone? Use Fugacious to ensure that no permanent record of your secret will remain.

The link to your secret will only remain alive for the preset amount of time or number of views.

Be sure Docker is running, then

That's it, the app is running on http://localhost:3000

See for more information

Ensure you have the Heroku Toolbelt installed.

Getting started with Rails 4 on Heroku for more information.

Fugacious URLs should be treated as sensitive information since knowing the URL could allow someone to access the stored secret (assuming it was accessed within the time-to-live of the secret). This means you should be careful about how you configure your HTTP server. Many have a default configuration to log all requests, including these sensitive URLs, to file or to stdout. Most PaaS, like Heroku or Cloud Foundry are configured this way, too.


21 Apr 2020Last Commit93 (99/yr)Github Stars3Issues

Uploading an image:

Fetching a file in a specific size(e.g. 320x240):

returns the image cropped to the desired size

imgpush requires docker

This is fully optional and is only needed if you want to run imgpush in Kubernetes.

If you want to deploy imgpush in Kubernetes, there is an example deployment available in the Kubernetes directory. In case you do not have a running Kubernetes cluster yet, you can use Minikube to setup a local single-node Kubernetes cluster. Otherwise you can just use your existing cluster.


04 Apr 2020Last Commit91 (40/yr)Github Stars2Issues

Supports specific bitrate through the API.

Can create, convert, and dearchive any of the following...

Can extract any of the following or convert to supported archive formats...

Supports resize & rotate through the GUI and API. Supports disable maintain aspect ratio through API.

Can output drawing files to image formats. Can convert between any of the following...

OCR Operations support the following input formats...


24 Nov 2019Last Commit86 (18/yr)Github Stars34Issues

CapsuleCD is a generic Continuous Delivery pipeline for versioned artifacts and libraries written in any language. Its goal is to bring automation to the packaging and deployment stage of your library release cycle. CapsuleCD is incredibly flexible, and works best when implemented side-by-side with a CI pipeline.

A short list of the features...

CapsuleCD is a generic Continuous Delivery pipeline for versioned artifacts and libraries written in any language. It's goal is to bring automation to the packaging and deployment stage of your library release cycle. It automates away all the common steps required when creating a new version of your library.


17 May 2020Last Commit83 (40/yr)Github Stars1Issues

AlertHub is a simple tool written with NodeJS to get alerted from GitHub and GitLab releases, tags and commits.

When you watch a release over GitHub, you also auto watch the issues and comments etc., however if you want to only follow new releases, or only commits or tags, there isn't a way to achieve this from GitHub directly.

There's been a service called, but they shut down on 15th May, 2018. That's why, I decided to make one for myself.

This simple cli tool watches the releases set in config, and notifies you with E-mail or PushBullet, and provides you an aggregated RSS feed which you can use in IFTTT or your personal feed reader.


07 Jul 2019Last Commit82 (18/yr)Github Stars11Issues

NOTE: The project is not maintained anymore, the code is here for historical / fork purposes.

The goal of the project is to allow average, tech-oriented user to run web applications with ease. The idea is to create an easy to host, technology agnostic private cloud. The ultimate aim is to achieve greater decentralization of web services, such as social networks, file sharing, blog or email.

While many other tools are looking at containers as a way to run massive applications, Puffin concentrates on lightweight ones, each serving just a handful of people.


30 Apr 2020Last Commit82 (24/yr)Github Stars156Issues

An Ace of Spades 0.75 server based on PySnip.

All of these are bridged together!

Piqueserver requires python 3.6 and above

If your system is not one of the above, you will also need a recent C++ Compiler.

Optional features:

To install with optional features with pip:

The AUR package (git master) is currently broken. When it gets repaired (you can help!), you'll be able to install manually or with your favourite AUR helper:

Then copy the default configuration as a base to work off

A-a-and lift off!

If you wish to use a different location to ~/.config/piqueserver/ for config files, specify a directory with the -d flag:


18 May 2020Last Commit82 (93/yr)Github Stars8Issues

Photoview is a simple and user-friendly photo gallery that can easily be installed on personal servers. It's made for photographers and aims to provide an easy and fast way to navigate directories, with thousands of high resolution photos.


Username: demo Password: demo

There exists a lot of open-source self-hosted photo galleries already. Here are some, just to mention a few.

So why another one? I love taking photos, and I store all of them on my local fileserver. This is great because I can organize my photos directly on the filesystem so it's easy to move them or take backups. I want to be able to control where and how the photos are stored.


23 May 2020Last Commit76 (25/yr)Github Stars4Issues

Sharry allows to share files with others in a simple way. It is a self-hosted web application. The basic concept is: upload files and get a url back that can then be shared.

Authenticated users can upload their files on a web site together with an optional password and a time period. The time period defines how long the file is available for download. Then a public URL is generated that can be shared, e.g. via email.

The download page is hard to guess, but open to everyone.

Anonymous can send files to registered ones. Each registered user can maintain alias pages. An alias page is behind a “hard-to-guess” URL (just like the download page) and allows everyone to upload files to the corresponding user. The form does not allow to specify a password or validation period, but a description can be given. The user belonging to the alias can be notified via email.


26 Mar 2020Last Commit70 (22/yr)Github Stars58Issues

LeapChat is an ephemeral chat application. LeapChat uses miniLock for challenge/response-based authentication. This app also enables users to create chat rooms, invite others to said rooms (via a special URL with a passphrase at the end of it that is used to generate a miniLock keypair), and of course send (encrypted) messages to the other chat room participants.

All messages are encrypted end-to-end

The server cannot see anyone's usernames, which are encrypted and attached to each message

Users can "leap" from one room to the next so that if an adversary clicks on an old invite link, it cannot be used to join the room


24 May 2020Last Commit69 (13/yr)Github Stars19Issues

A Wiki in a box

Pepperminty Wiki is a complete wiki engine contained in a single file, inspired by @am2064's Minty Wiki. It's open source too (under MPL-2.0), so contributions are welcome!

Developed by Starbeamrainbowlabs (though contributions from others are welcome!), Pepperminty Wiki has a variety of useful (and cool!) features - such as file upload, a dynamic help page, page revision history, page tags, and more! Other amazing features are in the works too (like a theme gallery, auto update, and user watchlists), so check the release notes to see what's been added recently.


01 May 2020Last Commit68 (126/yr)Github Stars9Issues

Host your docs. Simple. Versioned. Fancy.

The simplest way is to build and run the docker container, you can optionally use volumes to save state:

Go to localhost:8000 to view your docat instance:

If you want to run the application different than in a docker container, look at the backend and web docs.

If you have static html documentation or use something like mkdocs, sphinx, ... to generate your documentation, you can push it to docat:

When you have multiple versions you may want to tag some version as latest:


01 Oct 2018Last Commit67 (14/yr)Github Stars0Issues

Your personal content curation service.

Nunux Keeper allow you to collect, organize, and display articles or medias you found on the Internet.

Please refer to the new version of this project

The backend is using Node.js. All documents are stored in a MongoDB and are indexed with ElasticSearch using the MongoDB river. Redis is optional, but can be used to provide a message queuing system to download medias in background.

The frontend is using AngularJS and for the visual is using LESS with Twitter Bootstrap 3.


15 Jan 2020Last Commit67 (74/yr)Github Stars1Issues

With DocPHT you can take notes and quickly document anything! You can also manage users, save versions of your pages and run and restore backups. Complete with interface that can be customized, all with maximum portability and without the use of any database. You won't believe it, until you try it! 💎

Download the latest version of the package and upload it to the server, unzip it to the location you prefer. Open the browser and enter the address to start the installation wizard, it will take less than a minute. 🚀


27 Apr 2019Last Commit65 (10/yr)Github Stars0Issues

The super-fast-minimalist-nosql-opensource Google Reader revival.

Please consider to use another news reader such as readflow!


You can configure the server by setting environment variables:

Configuration needed to login with Google:

Configuration needed to delegate authentication to an upstream proxy (NGINX, Apache, Traefik, ...):

Example of configuration with NGINX:

Configuration needed to save articles into Pocket:

Configuration needed to save articles into Dropbox:

Configuration needed to save articles into Nunux Keeper:


16 Apr 2020Last Commit58 (53/yr)Github Stars7Issues

The cloud computer is a one click deploy computer accessible through any web browser. It can be run on-premises, or on a cloud provider. It can be thought of as an open source Citrix Receiver.

The cloud computer deploys with one command once cloud provider credentials are supplied.

Supply your cloud provider and domain name configuration.

Run yarn create:cloud-computer.

Open to access the terminal user interface or to access the desktop environment.


23 May 2020Last Commit51 (51/yr)Github Stars6Issues

A minimalist, self-hosted WakaTime-compatible backend for coding statistics

If you like this project, please consider supporting it 🙂. You can donate either through buying me a coffee or becoming a GitHub sponor. Every little donation is highly appreciated and boosts the developers' motivation to keep improving Wakapi!

On the server side:

On your local machine:

As an alternative to building from source or using go get you can also download one of the existing pre-compiled binaries.

To get your API key, take a look into the logs docker logs wakapi | grep "API key"


23 May 2020Last Commit50 (14/yr)Github Stars9Issues

Anchr is a useful little helper or toolbox or the like for common tasks on the internet. It comes with an Android App for Anchr link collections.

The idea arised when someday I considered it useful to have a collection of web links or bookmarks – like those you have in Chrome or Firefox – accessible from everywhere without needing to synchronize your browser profile. Just like if you’re anywhere on an other PC, find a useful article on the internet and want to save it quickly for later at home. This is what Anchr’s collections feature does. It saves links – with an optional description for easier search and separated into seperate categories / collections.


23 May 2020Last Commit47 (55/yr)Github Stars4Issues

Docspell is a personal document organizer. You'll need a scanner to convert your papers into PDF files. Docspell can then assist in organizing the resulting mess 😉.

You can associate tags, set correspondends, what a document is concerned with, a name, a date and some more. If your documents are associated with this meta data, you should be able to quickly find them later using the search feature. But adding this manually to each document is a tedious task. What if most of it could be done automatically?


21 May 2020Last Commit44 (52/yr)Github Stars10Issues

Can "proxy"/mirror any RSS Feed to fetch full-text Content. Allows integration into any feed reader, without plugins or further configuration required.

Note: You have to set the environment variables described in Configuration yourself, and you have to start a local redis server.

The application is easily configurable with environment variables.

We have to define two query parameters:

A collection of selectors can be found on the wiki page. If you create or improve a selector, feel free to open a pull request to add it to the wiki page.


23 May 2020Last Commit42 (61/yr)Github Stars2Issues

Atheos is an updated and currently maintained fork of Codiad, a web-based IDE framework with a small footprint and minimal requirements.

From Codiad:

"Codiad was built with simplicity in mind, allowing for fast, interactive development without the massive overhead of some of the larger desktop editors. That being said even users of IDE's such as Eclipse, NetBeans and Aptana are finding Codiad's simplicity to be a huge benefit. While simplicity was key, we didn't skimp on features and have a team of dedicated developer actively adding more."


24 Oct 2019Last Commit41 (14/yr)Github Stars7Issues

todo is a self-hosted todo web app that lets you keep track of your todos in a easy and minimal way. 📝

You can also use the Todo Docker Image:

There is also a public demo instance avilable at:

Run todo:

Then visit: http://localhost:8000/

By default todo stores todos in todo.db in the local directory.

This can be configured with the -dbpath /path/to/todo.db option.

MIT Icon made by Smashicons from


04 Apr 2020Last Commit38 (12/yr)Github Stars2Issues

FeedMixer is a little web service (Python3/WSGI) which takes a list of feed URLs and combines them into a single (Atom, RSS, or JSON) feed. Useful for personal news aggregators, "planet"-like websites, etc.

FeedMixer exposes three endpoints:

When sent a GET request they return an Atom, an RSS 2.0, or a JSON feed, respectively. The query string of the GET request can contain these fields:

The provided application uses a session that caches HTTP responses so that repeatedly fetching the same sets of feeds can usually be responded to quickly by the FeedMixer service.


12 May 2020Last Commit37 (39/yr)Github Stars1Issues

In a nutshell: a private self-hosted journal with sharing capabilities.

This project is an attempt to make myself journal more consistently. I find it much easier to gather my thoughts with a keyboard. Having an online journal also means that I don't need to remember to bring it with me everywhere. The app is meant to be used by 1 person, and you can host easily your own instance.

The app was designed by Iana Noda.

The best journaling often happens early in the morning or late at night. To accomodate this, the entire app has been designed in "dark mode".


05 May 2020Last Commit34 (30/yr)Github Stars3Issues

I started to develop KISSS because I need a simple and privacy respecting method to collect visitor statistics of my website. I don't need any fancy dashboard, but I want to get exactly the stats I need. I need something fast, that is able to run even on really low end hardware like a Raspberry Pi.

KISSS is really easy to install via Docker.

Depending on your setup, replace -p 8080:8080 with your custom port configuration. KISSS listens to port 8080 by default, but you can also change this via the configuration.


10 Jun 2019Last Commit32 (9/yr)Github Stars2Issues

An easy to use SCRUM burndown chart for Trello boards.

Get quickly up and runnning with the docker image or binary.

Or compile the binary or docker image from source.

Create a new directory to store the configuration and SQLite3 database.

Create a file named config.yaml in the same directory, copy the contents from the default here.

Edit the configuration file with your favorite editor and set the developer api key and generated token you wrote down earlier.

Run it! (Check docker hub for available versions)


02 Apr 2020Last Commit32 (7/yr)Github Stars5Issues

QIS is a high performance web server for creating and delivering dynamic images. It is ideal for use in conjunction with your existing web site, for applications such as image galleries and product catalogues. Some of the application features are listed below, but for more information you can also read the application introduction and overview.

Quru has been using QIS in production since 2012, and the source code of the Standard Edition is made available here under the Affero GPL license.

Quru also offers a Premium Edition of QIS. This consists of a more fully featured image processing engine, plus the option of obtaining professional services and commercial support, for a modestly priced annual subscription.


09 Aug 2019Last Commit29 (4/yr)Github Stars1Issues

Mojopaste is a pastebin application. There's about one million of these out there, but if you have the need to run something internally at work or you just fancy having your own pastebin, this is your application.

The standard version of App::mojopaste can take normal text as input, store it as a text file on the server and render the content as either plain text or prettified using Google prettify. (Note: Maybe another prettifier will be used in future versions)

In addition to just supporting text, this application can also make charts from the input data. To turn this feature on, you need to specify "enable_charts" in the config or set the PASTE_ENABLE_CHARTS environment variable:


18 May 2020Last Commit25 (7/yr)Github Stars5Issues

See more screenshots at

A fast and lightweight site for viewing files.

Great for documentation, wiki, notes, etc.

Docker is the easiest way to setup PineDocs.

After running docker-compose up -d you can change the config in ./data/config/config.yaml, and add your files (or git clone your documentation) in the ./data/files dir.

Changes will take affect when you reload the page - no need to restart the container.

Altough docker-compose is recommended, you can also use pure Docker:


13 May 2020Last Commit23 (7/yr)Github Stars3Issues

This is a simple self-hosted, lightweight, singe-user PHP blog, where you can create your own Facebook-like feed. Give read access to other people, and you can share rich text with photos including highlighted code or links.

In this context lightweight means:

Live demo is available here:

Please note, that this demo has very limited computing resources, strict rate limiting and can be reset at anytime. Upload of files will not always work, but as simple demo to see this product in action it is enough.


21 May 2020Last Commit19 (33/yr)Github Stars1Issues

A simple, fully translatable admin interface and frontend for sabre/dav based on Symfony 5 and Bootstrap 4, largely inspired by Baïkal.

PHP > 7.3.0 (with pdo_mysql and intl extensions), MySQL (or MariaDB).

Clone this repository

Retrieve the dependencies:

At least put the correct credentials to your database in your .env.local file so you can easily migrate your database.

Migrate the database:

Davis can be used with a pre-existing MySQL database (for instance, one previously managed by Baïkal). The only missing table would be the migrations table, that you can recreate automatically when running the migrations.


04 Apr 2020Last Commit17 (8/yr)Github Stars2Issues

In all commands you need to call js-script in app docker container.
So you need to find out container name with proxy application by running the following command:

For example, it will be socks5proxy_proxy_1.

In all the following commands you need to replace socks5proxy_proxy_1 with the yours container name.


27 Oct 2018Last Commit11 (3/yr)Github Stars8Issues

pbnh is our implementation of a pastebin server using flask and postgres or sqlite

It is highly derived from silverp1's and buhman's project pb and they deserve the recognition for this idea.

The syntax highlighting is done using codemirrors javascript library.

The icons are from Font Awesome

pbnh requires at least Python 3.3

Note, psycopg2 is a C extension module for postgres. You can grab the dependencies by either installing python-psycopg2 from your package manager, or grab libpq-dev as well as python3-dev and gcc if you don't already have them.


10 Feb 2020Last Commit8 (12/yr)Github Stars2Issues

Ansible based Homeserver setup using Docker.

Inspired by Ansible NAS and HomelabOS

CharjaBox is an Ansible playbook that can be used to easily deploy your Homeserver setup.

All supported applications can be installed on your server using Docker by simply changing some variables and running the playbook.

Read the documentation here.

You can use the playbook charjabox/scripts/initialize.yml to skip part of steps 3 and 4. This playbook asks you about your server IP, group name and settings folder and creates the files for you automatically.


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Host your own link shortener that works with a bot. Just send the link to a bot and it'll take care of the rest for you. Demo: @GiveMeShortLinkBot

This is the backend (nevermind the repo name) for the link shortener. You need a bot to add links to this link shortener. For source code of the bot see tommyku/link-shortener-bot

After cloning the repo, you should create two environmental variables FIREBASE_BASE_URI and FIREBASE_SECRET_KEY referring to your to the Firebase realtime database.

To run locally: